"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


things that REALLY creep me OUT!


Animated Animals, Animated Gifs, Keefersneed i say more?


Animated Graphics

being whipped by metal-


Animated Graphics

unmanned machinery creeping up behind me...


Animated Animals

William Shatner being sexual-


Animated Animals, Animated graphics, Keefers

an elephant that can jump higher than me on a trampoline-


Animated Animals

kittens that know foreign languages-


Animated Graphics

pornographic cartoons-


Animated Animals

reruns of "married with children"


Animated Animals

Bill Cosby with an erection-



Animated Animals

dogs that don't use their seat belts-



Animated Graphicsgag me with a spoon-


Animated Graphics, Animated Gifs, Animation, Funny Animals, Hippo, Animated Animals, Keefers

charging hippo with more credit cards than me-



Animated Animals

dYsFunCtiOnAl cows-


Animated Animals, Animated Gifs, Animated Gif, Keefers

when monkeys are more technologically advanced than humans.. Photobucketand then leave evidence that they've been up to no good.



stores with sexual innuendos for names-


Photobucketlost penguins -



unstable alligators-


Photobucketcats impersonating E.T.-


Photobucket..all things tom cruise.



clOwns. 'nuff said.

what creeps you out?




kristi said...

LOL...picturing people having sex creeps me out.....ewwww Dr Phil!! Feet creep me out. People with jacked up teeth....and vomit with chicken nuggets mixed in. Yep, I am a Mom!!

Jason, as himself said...

Thanks a lot. Now I have so many more things to be creeped out about.

Actually, not too many things creep me out, I guess. I thought most of these were just funny.

But there's gotta be something....ummm, vomit? Vomit really creeps me out. And women with hairy armpits.

Tracey Axnick said...

Wow.... this is nightmare fodder for sure. (Especially the Dr. Phil one... I'm going to have a hard time erasing that from my mental hard drive!)

But I did like the elephant on the trampoline. Extraordinarily cute.