"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


it's 3 A.M.

"everyone's asleep but i, said little Miss Muffet..."

Photobucketeven spideys can appreciate the stillness of the night.

the back door is opened and through the screen i can hear soft intermittent noises of rain drops landing on the pool cover with a quick little splat..

Photobucketit's not raining out any longer- so it could be drops falling from the branches of trees that surrounds our deck, or from electrical wires than run above it...

it's a soft raindrop noise that i have heard a million times in my lifetime, and it is calming to me, equivalent to someone stroking my hair as i begin to fall asleep.

at this very moment, i can smell that fresh after rain smell and along with hearing the raindrops- i let it have power over me. i am letting it soothe me, reminding me of good memories in my past, and bringing me a comforting feeling tonight...

Photobucketi also love the catchy little sound of coffee percolating on the stove... and together with the aroma, it totally engulfs me into peaceful dreaminess unlike nothing else.


 even those who don't like to drink the brew can enjoy the aroma. it's like soaking in a hot bath as the water seduces me into it's soothing warmth....


there are many little things in life that bring me these kinds of moments... like the smell of popcorn when i first enter a theatre... or the gas fumes that reach my nostrils as i fill up my car... or the sound of thunder rolling in the distance.... 

how about a still evening of sitting on the porch and hearing dogs barking in the far distance, just loud enough to let me know I'm not alone, that there are other families and lives taking place right at the exact time i am sitting on my porch.


a favorite of mine is to hear the train's lonely whistle on the other side of town as it passes through.. and i can feel the gentle rhythmic rumble as it rolls down the tracks.. leaving me with a wild imagination as to where it is going and what adventures it's people will experience along the way.

there's alot to be said for the free pleasures in life such as these. i have always tried to appreciate that which gets taken for granted or overlooked.. to stop and smell the pizza per say..


i like to call these kinds of experiences the "making love to my senses" frEEbies, because in reality, they seduce and permeate each of them. it's like little fireworks going off in my ears and eyes and nose and what i feel because of that is orgasmic to me in a non sexual fashion. and hey- i can't get pregnant from it.

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i urge you to take a listen and a looksie to your own surroundings. you too can truly enjoy the little things in life that bring such nice feelings that you don't have to pay tax on.




jo.irish.rose said...

i have a few sights, sounds, feels too that make me feel sooooo comfy....getting in bed when the sheets have just been changed (of course they have to be 1200 count thread egyptian cotton) i am spoiled! a nice roast or spaghetti cooking all day in the crock, the sound of pachabel playing gently while relaxing in a hot bubble bath would be sooo nice, a crackling fire on a snowy day reading a good book, snuggled on the couch with me lil morgan, my weiner doggie. snuggled up in my big bed watching cartoons with any of my grandkiddies, they love hanging out in nonna's bed, its so soft and comfy with the featherbed....and i always have snacks in my bedside table drawer! laying on the beach, of course, letting the warm sand heat you, while you listen to the water wash up on the beach, very relaxing, especially the smell of the salty air! opening a new bag of potato chips and getting the first few chips...they are the best, and having them with a coke and ice. yummy! whatching a good movie with your favorite person, eating popcorn or your favorite snacks, the good stuff in life, surely are the best, you should savor them, yes indeedy!!

Jude said...

I love this posting! And you picked one of my all time favs too....the late night sound of the train as it comes up the track. When we were living in MS, there was an active track on the other side of town. During sleepless nights as soon as I was able to hear the train, I imagined what crossing it was going over when it blew it's whistle. After about 15 minutes of this sound I was able to fall asleep.

C said...

yep i hear ya, peeps....