"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


mY wEEk..


today it's been raining like cats and dogs but i promise no animals were injured due to the storm.

our boxer Bella is having some issues such as having difficulty getting up on the bed and couch etc.. and not being able to go on as long a walk as she used to.

we are worried she might have arthritis or hip problems as boxers are prone to that. we have researched until our little minds turned to mush and found an all natural pet store called

"Long Dog, Fat Cat."


isn't that just a freekin hQQt? we picked up some all natural freeze dried food for her. it has to be reconstituted with water and contains real fruits, veggies, meat, vitamins and minerals, and eggs. it's all human grade food that even people can eat!

wonder how it would taste on the Barbie...


last Saturday was Christopher's graduation from high school. i was fighting back tears as soon as the music began. what is it about music that always gets me like that... me in church? forgetaboutit... me at a military event? gimme da kleenex.. that's just how i am.

as you know from my previous posts this was a heart wrenching moment in me life difficult time for me.. but it went well and we gathered for a cook out at our house afterwards.. just family and a few friends. we won't mention the dancing monkeys..


here are some pics from that day.

thE grAduAte!!!

[and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...]


baby daddy, Christopher, and me..


erm, i am just noticing how low the girls are hangin in these 2 pics... someone musta snipped me bra straps

baby mAmA's..


Alexander and the grAduAte..

124 125

baby daddy with our149 


speaking of sex, on Sunday our friends took us out for dinner at Red Lobster to celebrate Diane's birffday [late].

our friends.. Rob, Cheryl, their triplets, Rob's mOm, and us [i was taking the picture].


me and the birffday girl..


yes peeps, that was my week in a nutshell. i must say i could eat me some Red Lobster right now... it was SO yummy! thanks again Rob and Cheryl.. we love you guys!!





ChiTown Girl said...

I ALREADY thought your kids were awesome (cuz, come on, look who their mom is!!) but now, the Italia jacket just sealed the deal!!

J. Hi said...

Love the pics! You have some fine looking boys there. :)

Don't you love those Red Lobster cheese biscuit things?--yum!!

jo.irish.rose said...

hey toone....what nice pics you have there...i have been waiting soooo patiently for them...and your girls look fine...but whats up with daves teeth?? every time i see that dude, he looks funnier and funnier...dont know what she does to him....but goofy looking he sure does have it! lol the boys look really good....you done good lady! you sure have...you should be sooo proud. and now i want to go eat at red lobster too, the closest one is an hour away! nice...tho we do have fresh local seafood, the lobsters are not, and i need me a lobster fix....(tho i am sure red lobster doesnt have fresh ones either!) they are pretty good! im droolin, better go get something to eat...my laptop cant take the water...rofl! lol! call me, k? love you!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like it was a busy, poignant, fun week you had; celebrated several milestones, indeed, with graduation of your son and birthday celebration, etc! sorry about your dog; I hope the food helps. It is hard to see our pets not being able to do what they used to do as they get older


Jude said...

Great shots of everyone and congrats to the handsome Grad! I realize it's difficult for you to think the last one is leaving the nest but you have to be so proud of him with what he's already accomplished in his life.
Love the pictures!

Oh and Red Lobster? It's a good thing we have to travel a little to get to one around here. Super Yummies!

Technodoll said...

Sometimes you just need a good rainy day to relax while nature takes a shower!

Have you tried glucosamine for the doggy? The tablets you buy at the drugstore for human use... 500mg ones, about 2 tabs in the morning and 2 tabs at night. After 2 months you should see a nice difference in her mobility, if it's joint-related :) (that and good food, of course).

I love the pics!

Does Diane smile in pics or is she just shy? :)

C said...

thanks everyone!

jude, i want RL NOW.

nikki, thanks for the info... we will try it.. yeah, diane is shy when it comes to pictures [only].


C said...

oh and toone? dave has top n bottom dentures... and his speech is slurred when he talks...