"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


it's 1 A.M. and i can't sleep.. [nothing new there]..


in the distance i can hear the sound of a train rocking by, tooting it's horn. i have always found comfort in that sound, and it soothes my soul even though i find it to sound like a lonely cry...

when i was growing up there was a train that would pass through our little town at just about 11P.M. every night. i think sometimes i would wait to fall asleep until i heard that, as if it was saying goodnight to me, and me alone..

it's funny what you remember from childhood, isn't it? the memories i have of raising my kids are somewhat different than the memories they have of growing up.


we had a huge cookout tonight with all of the family who live here, to celebrate my 2 son's birthdays earlier this week. after we ate, we sat around and one by one each of my kids starting saying "remember when..." and we'd all laugh.. but as i listened, i thought, wOw... that did happen but i seem to remember it from a different aspect than they do. why is that?

tonight's get together was really, really nice. the weather was perfect, the food was good, and more importantly the feeling of "family" embraced me throughout. after some people left, we gathered around and had a small bonfire in our fire pit until very late.


it was sooooo peaceful watching the logs burn, popping and crackling every now and then, the orangey glow of the flames.. it felt like soaking in a hot bath where the hot water surrounds you like a big hug... only drier!

alas, all good things must come to an end... everyone is in bed right now. the house is quiet, i still cant sleep... and i feel hungry. think I'll have some toast with sliced bananas on them... and a hot cup of tea. oh yeah, baby!





Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds like a wonderful family night C. I have different memories of my childhood than my Mom....but my girls seem to have the same of theirs that I do. make sense? Maybe it is because they are still young-ish...
I love family dinners like that...they are great memory makers.

ps. I can't tell you the last time I saw a train. I never see them where we live now.

That corgi :) said...

the cookout looks so very nice! glad that it seemed like a good time was held by all! It is interesting how people experiencing the same event will view it differently; must be from their own unique perspective, I guess, but we share stories too and all of ours seem to be different too in what we thought happened etc

I hope Monday is a good one


ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like an awesome evening! Happy birthday to your boys. :)

Technodoll said...

When I can't sleep I do like you, I eat something and try to focus on other things. Usually works...

Your post made me think of Chris de Burgh's Spanish Train. It's the song of my childhood, I'm talking 1975 here.


jo.irish.rose said...

toone, i can't place all the peeps here, of course, the boys, but alot of them look unfamiliar? must be some of the kids friends...i see josh, hen, alex, christophe, jujube, i think alan? is that emily on the end by jujube? and lily, and de down on the end, but then i dont recognize anyone else....ehhhh i wanted to be there. i texted each of the boys and told them how proud i was of them....separately, and wished i could be there...REALLY....its time for a another get away....but alas, i have a surgery awaiting....they moved it up...it will be on the 11th of may now. still not soon enough. it will be done in the hospital...it was the only way to get it done sooner. it will probably cost me my other arm and my vajayjay....seeing they are working on an arm already...they will have THAT arm...or they may take a leg...i dont know....but since it wont be in the same day surgery, i will be charged out the ying and the yang...just so i dont have any more pain....but they will give it to you in good in your wallet tho, wont they? rofl!!!! well, anyhoo, i am glad you had a good time with the boys, tell me of some of the mammories you shared....did niece make up a few new ones? lol i love hearing of the new ones...or the different ways the kids remember them...well, i gots to go now....someone is hurting me....oooooo its just me....lol....i guess its time for pain meds again....call me...text me, do what you want...k? love you.....moi

La Roo said...

Your nighttime is your thought time , huh? It's your soul gathering its bits and pieces and figuring what to do with them. It's a moment of silence so you can hear yourself.