"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.




If I lived in a fit body, or had long blonde hair... And had enough money, Would it make you care?

If my health were perfect, And I had energy to burn, Would you want to be with me, Would it make you yearn?

If we could have traveled, As we dreamed we'd do.. Would you have stayed forever, Would your heart have stayed true?

If we lived on a farm and had animals galore... Would that be enough or would you still need more?

If I brought you the moon to light your way, Would it be bright enough to make you stay?

If the stars rained glitter, so beautiful to see, Would it be magical enough for you to love me?

If you gave me a chance to put up a fair fight, I would have given my all, I would of made it right.

If I were taller, and could look into your eyes... Would I have been able to see through your lies?

If everything about me pleased your every desire, Would your love still burn like the flames of a fire?

If you had the power of all the king's men, Would you put my broken heart back together again?

If all in love and war were fair, Would I still be here, Would you still be there?

If I am to love again in this life, one day, I will never totally give my heart and soul away.

I'll play it safe, And I'll keep it real cool, No one will ever again, Make me the fool.

If your plans to leave were honest and real, It surely would have lessened the pain that I feel.

You said we'd be friends, but no efforts were tried, No updates, no emails, Again, you lied.

Life isn't perfect, and neither am I, If that's what you needed, it justifies your goodbye.

The good with the bad, till death do us part, But all I have left, is a broken heart.

Love is a gift, it shouldn't be played, It needs to be honest, and never betrayed.




Just Be Real said...

C I so appreciate you comment on my blog. I am sorry that we have similar pasts. I like your quote here in this post. I appreciate your honesty. Blessings and safe hugs.

Maria said...

I already told you this, I know..but Chris...why don't you consider joining one of those lesbian online dating sites? I used to snicker at them, but changed my mind when I saw all the women who have found happiness there. And why not? We do live in a technical age.

I know you aren't ready for another romance yet. How about you just say that you were burned in a bad relationship recently and are looking for someone to have some simple fun times with? Women are better than men at this. There are so many who have been in your shoes and would be happy to start with a glorious friendship. And women are less likely to go for looks first. Not that you aren't pretty or desirable, but face it...when we get as old as we are, our confidence takes a dip. I would be honest about every thing and expect the same. Oh...and meet at a public place first, just because from what I hear, there are a few frogs out there posing as princesses. But think what a grand blog those stories would make.

Or...call Omaha Public Library about joining a book club. I did that for years and ADORED my club. I only quit when they changed the meeting time to one that didn't work.

Or...you know there are one or two broken heart societies out there too. I think you need to talk and what cheap therapy!

Just one step, Chris. ONE step. A baby one. C'mon. You know you can do this. And it might be kind of fun to sit at home and read the responses you get to the online site.

Don't be a chicken. Do this.

Anonymous said...

You're doing the right thing by writing out your feelings here. Also, it will be good one day, when you aren't deep in this fog, to be able to read these posts again and see your journey.

jo.irish.rose said...

Such a good poet, you are soooo talented my sis, where is my share? I guess you got it all, hog!!! Lol

BelovedBomber said...

Amazing poem! You are very talented. I know that God can bring us through anything. His love never fails!