"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


... As I write this, it is 71 degrees outside, @ 9:15 pm. It's absolutely beautiful. I can smell spring in the air, oh wait, I farted.. Nah, I DO smell spring in the air and have been feeling very lonely today. Smells, weather, sunshine, sounds... really can affect me when it catches me off guard. It can make or break my moods and how I feel inside. They can stir up either painful, or comforting memories whether I like it or not~ I have no control over it. I have always been this way. Tonight I am missing the walks Diane and I used to take with Bella. My heart hurts. I had a good cry, and I am still missing the person she used to be, so much so that I ache for her.

I made lunch for one of my friend's birthdays, today... he brought his little doggie, a mini poodle named Mia. I snuggled her as much as I could whilst she was here, even if only 2 hours. Her presence added so much life to my apartment, I got very teary eyed when they left. It made me miss Bella SO fucking much, I'm even crying just writing this... I wonder if Diane has these kinds of moments or if she has totally wiped out the memories of here. well, regardless, enough of that..

I went in to work tonight from 5-9 pm as they were short staffed. did I ever tell you that I am short, too? its nice to only work 4 hours then leave. I drove homo with the windows down, enjoying the flavorful aroma's that linger in Midtown from all the restaurants. Kind of reminds me of the summer art's festival, except it's not so hot and steamy that the black melts outta me hairs..

That's all I've got tonight. My comfy cozy bed is calling my name..



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sophie...^5 said...

Ahhhh..sounds like a wonderful place, your town, in the spring. Things are acomin' along...I just knows they are.