"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


empty nests & saggy breasts

priOr  tO

this  blOg  I  dO,

there  were  fOur

wish  there  were  mOre,

nOw,  empty  nest

surely  yOu  jest,

my  kids are  gOne

I  need  a  bOng,

whOa  is  me

I  have  tO  see...

RBroken heartEBroken heartABroken heartLBroken heartIBroken heartTBroken heartY

I  miss  my  kids

it  makes  me  cry,

alOne  we  be

just  me  and  di,

empty  nest

surely  yOu  jest...

my  kids  are  gOne~

it  must  be  wrOng~

I  can't  hOld  On~

birds  must  fly

mOms  must  cry,

Oh,  empty  nest

I  did  my  best,

time  passed  us  by

it  went  tOO  fast,

I  shOuld  have  knOwn

it  wOuldn't  last,

such  is  life

the  jOy,  the  strife,

One  day  yOu'll  knOw

that  letting  gO,

cOmes  with  a  price

that  wOn't  suffice,

I  pray  fOr  yOu

in  all  yOu  dO,

ah,  empty  nest

surely  yOu  jest...




Jamie said...

Totally wonderful. And right on, too. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

You are so amazing. I may just have to print this one out. My nest is going to be empty in the blink of an eye. :(

greg said...

Well done!

Jim said...

I liked this Chris! You are one very talented Mama! But you know that!
I am so glad I was spared the empty nest thingy....would have had a hard time. Guess that's why mamas are made stronger than papas!

You know what? ever since you switched your blog, I can't file you on Reader at all!! I will try to copy and paste....let you know.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my sagging breasts. THis was cute. Sad, true and CUTE. :)

jo.irish.rose said...

Awww, I'll come be your kid, k? I'll move in and we can be one happy famdamily!! Oh wait, I'm married, you can move in with me, I'll adapt you and di and you will be my children!!! How's that??

jo.irish.rose said...
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