"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


...another quick update- today was a day from hell for me. our instructor is very nice, and fun BUT she made us walk through one of the hospitals to "tour" it, even though none of us will actually work there. well, I know my way around cuz I worked there for 2 years before OB. my sciatica has been acting up, I'm having to use my cane, and I took this job because I wouldn't have to perform on my feet or do a lot of walking. I swear we walked over 2 miles today- she had to show us every.fucking.department.

as we went to another building, I caught myself from tripping onto the cement, and hurt my right arm (not the injured one) so now I can't raise it higher than me breasticles. it feels like nerve pain, sharp & sudden, but fuck if I know what's wrong with it.

I apologized to Diane and told her I was going to be a bitch tonight.. because of the pain I am in. she'll do anything for me, bless her- she even offered to cut up the last watermelon we have, for me. but there really isn't anything she can do, I took meds and am waiting for them to kick in again. and the worst part is, tomorrow there will be another fricking tour of the other hospital, which will be even MORE walking.

can I call in sick yet?

...maybe if I rest all evening and ice my hip, my ass, and my arm, it will help. it's all on the right side, the bastard..

see? I did it to you too, just bitch bitch bitch...



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ChiTown Girl said...

Holy fuck! Why don't you just fill the damn tub with ice, then sleep in it all night!!

Sorry you got an ouchie today. WTF is up with all the walking?! Can't you get someone to push you around in a wheelchair tomorrow? Like maybe your new boss? bwah hahaha!