"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Prayers are Needed A.S.A.P.

02339_thetimeofsilence..my baby sister whom I adore and love more than chocolate, is going through a difficult time. please keep her and her family in your prayers. her husband just lost his dad 2 months ago. now, her MIL is dying with sudden onset leukemia, the kind that grows really fast. at this point no one knows if she will even make it to the weekend. and although Jo has been visiting her daughter & new granddaughter, she must cut her vay cay short to go home to be with her husband. her hubster is in shock as he hasn’t even healed his heart from the loss of his dad. their family has been through so much, no one deserves this much loss in this little time. Jo is distraught and caught up in so many emotions, she wants to stay with her daughter AND be with her husband and MIL.


we appreciate your caring thoughts.

thanks, peeps.




ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, poor JoJo. I can't believe this. Her poor hubby must just be beside himself. I will be working overtime on those prayers.

Anonymous said...

That's just so unfair. I'm sorry for the whole family.

sophie...^5 said...

Sometimes you wonder why these kinds of things happen...wham..one thing and then ...wham...another. Tell her to be strong and keep focused. Sending good vibes!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh poor Jo....so much distraught mixed with happiness too. My heart hurts for them all.

Jason, as himself said...

Tough times. I things get better!

Jim said...

Life, being the 'crap shoot' that it is, can be very difficult to handle at times. You know that first hand Chris and so do a lot of us. What to do? Look at it straight in the eye, see it for what it is, take a deep breath and move ahead slowly.
All the best to your sister Chris.

jo.irish.rose said...

thanks for all the kind words friends and fellow bloggy buds. we are bringing her home today. she cannot fight this. she is too weak and way far gone to get the treatment. they tried to give her the best chemo for her type of leukemia and she just threw up all the tablets. then she had bleeding in her nose and coughed up blood. it was so pitiful to watch. we don't want her suffering like that. she doesn't deserve that. she will come home today from the hospital and Hospice will keep her comfortable until she passes away. The dr.s don't think she will make the week. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. It has been a whirlwind of emotions and it isn't over yet. But in all this, we did have a wonderful baby girl two weeks ago. I was there for that and it was beautiful. They are all doing great and I was sorry to leave them. I will go back down in the near future to finish what I started, maybe take Papa along. We will take care of gramma first. God bless you all and please, let those you love know how you feel about them now, while they are around. This came out of nowhere. In about 10 days time she was healthy and then overcome with cancer. It can happen to anyone. Don't wait. Thanks again for all your support. XXXX OOOO