"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Au clair de la lune…

…has anyone seen the moon tonight? here in the Midwest, this is what it looked like.

oops, NO not that kind of moon, silly gEEse,

this kind!


it was huge, mystical, full, and the cheese of the week was gruyere. if I could have stretched just a titch higher, (thanks gimpy arm), I’m sure I could of scraped some off to go with me crackers. I got laid on the deck in our hammock gazing up at that miracle ball of fermented cow’s milk wishing that if I made some wishes on it, they would come true. when I was growing up, “I dream of Jeannie” was one of my fave programs on TV. I always wanted to live in her tiny bottle, they made it look SO inviting… and I always wished I could have 3 wishes to come true. back then, in the silliness of my youth I wanted love, fortune, and that new pair of hip hugger chocolate brown corduroy pants from Kmart that my mom said no to. today, as my mature, adult, practical yet still lesbian self, I would wish that we could “make oil out of human feces cuz we’d never run out, take all the bad people in the world and make them walk upside down ON THEIR HANDS, and ask Stewie for his license next time he drives Brian's car.” just writing that shows me how much I have matured…

 it’s truly hard to fathom that this is the same exact moon I used to gaze upon as a little kid & all through my life as I have… I would of thought it would have fallen out of the sky already. if so, just think of all the cheese curds that would land all around the world! there’d be enough for everyone! end world hunger, YEAH! the moon of my youth, as I like to call it, saw every tear I ever shed, felt every pain I ever lived through, and knew ALL of my secrets yet never told a soul. it brought me comfort at the end of the day, when sunshine burned through to my soul and left me bleeding. yep. the moon and I go back a long way, and it has never failed me. we are like this- Fingers crossed

when I was dating my ex husband, we would go parking in the moonlight. it made everything so much more romantic. I’d look up at it from our blanket as he kissed my neck and it just added to the moments, ya know? I think my fave moon is the October moon, when clouds blow adrift across it and make it appear eerie.

sometimes it’s golden, others, it’s orange, and you are very lucky if you get to see a red moon, that is called a blood moon. (they askeeeer me). I think it had something to do with fertility originally, but to me it means Halloween is coming and I need to watch out for witches and other evils of the night.

a few years ago I was driving home from the mall and it was still light out, a hot evening in July.. and the moon appeared the biggest, fullest, and closest to the earth I had ever seen in my life! it was coming up from behind the mall, and just hung low in the sky… I felt like I could reach out and touch it. even in the news they talked about how close the moon came to the earth in orbit, and said it wouldn’t happen again for years. the sky was clear deep blue as the backdrop to the dark yellow bellybutton in the sky. I just wanted to poke it, and make it giggle. I had to pull over and take in the wonder, as it struck me as SO beautiful it took my breath away. yes, I had gas too, but really, it took my breath A.W.A.Y.

I believe anything can happen on a full moon night. the night the UFO followed me and Jo home after picking up a pizza from town then driving home to the country farm house I lived in at the time, in 1974, there was a full moon. yep. there can be danger, romance, or magical things when the moon is full. I know it always affects my circadian rhythm, causing my emotions to come in like a charging elephant chasing peanuts, to a turtle walking extra slow to kill time cuz it’s early…

according to ancient mythology our ancestors knew things about the night sky, the moon, and the constellations that helped them plan their daily lives. life was SO simple then, eh? well, erm, it may have been simple but it was also brutal.. people hurt ya if they didn’t like ya, and they were mean about it.. they tortured you first, then asked questions. if you were still alive, you could answer them. no one washed their hands after using the bush, henceforth disease spread. and you were really fucked if you got appendicitis, cuz there were no doctors let alone an anesthesiologist. but hey, it was simple just the same. how do you feel about the moon? can you see it from your house, too?




jo.irish.rose said...

well, no.....it only shines over your house....OF COURSE IT SHINES OVER OUR HOUSES TOO, WHAT DID YOU THINK....YOU HAD A SPECIAL HOUSE WITH RIGHTS TO THE MOON?? and why was i yelling??? cuz sister dear...you are silly like that. and me and the moon go WAAAAAAY back too. since i was born even. even further....it knew me before you!! lol and thanks, now i want cheeze curds. warm ones. now where will i get them?? i got nuttin. see what you do? stop it. now i gotta go find me some cheese curds or die....your so bad.

ChiTown Girl said...

I didn't see it last night, but I've been feeling the effects of it this week cuz the kids have been NUTS this week. Or, to use an Englewoodism - they be off the chain!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yep, it was beaming down brightly on us too...although it was hard to see through all the palm trees. snicker.

I see the moon and the moon sees me, God loves the moon and God loves me.
And aliens.

You are the best C. You make me smile, laugh and wet my underoos.
Please don't tell anyone I said that...my underoos are a family secret.