"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


it’s 1-6-2011!!!



mean anything to ya, does it?

me neither, I just felt like hyping it up…

Moneymy oldest son Nicholas had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so I am currently simmering his favorite soup as he will be over later to watch some movies… Mulligatawny soup, its an Indian lentil soup that is yummy in the tummy… I love to pamper the ones I love when they are under the weather…

Moneyit must be a combo of the nurse/mom in me. maybe that’s why I’m overweight.. I’m like the ole doublemint commercials with the twin girls in it singing “it’s two, [smack], two [smack], two mints in one”! or are yee too yung to remember that?

Moneythe wife and I watched a program last night on the history channel [love that channel] about professors of doom.. a group of very brilliant intellectuals who were discussing the state of the world, specifically America, and how we are deep in a crisis right now with imminent water shortages within the next decade which will basically finish us off because no one can survive without the wet stuff… as even vegetation needs it to grow…

Moneythey sounded like they had some perty good ideas on what is wrong and how to try to fix it.. too bad they can’t meet up with the prezzie dent and other high end suits like him to discuss it and suggest what to do. but as they said in this program, nearly every one is only concerned about acquiring more, more, and MORE… as long as they are satisfied in the moment, that’s all that matters.

Moneywe keep sinking deeper into debt within our country and with other countries as well… one of these days the debt will be due and there won’t be any money to pay up. turning to credit for everything is not a smart way of dealing with lack of financial means but that’s what we do in America..

Moneywe pass out credit cards as if they were candy and then look dumfounded when we are deep in da hole of debt doodoo. and as we keep taking from the planet, it is taking its toll on what's available, cutting it quickly down to what isn't so easily available. one of them said our food sources come from thousands of miles away in order to keep it profitable, and create commerce..

Moneythat it would make more sense to grow/buy/eat locally grown foods. which is why the economy is sinking… it’s all about self satisfaction and money or should I say greed… I believe that’s true, everything on this earth boils down to how much money can be made on it. everything from healthcare to animal food to diapers to medicines…

Moneyeven freeking funerals! [just throw me into an ocean and feed the whales] as long as there are profits to be made, the hell with any other consequences, such as damage to our planet and people and all living things. needless to say it was very enlightening. another point they made was that we as a people don’t want to stop and think about what is going on this minute as far as our world and economy is concerned..

Moneyand the common thought is that if we don’t address it, then it won’t happen. but it is happening despite the denials.. and we need a wake up call but it may be too late when we get it. so I’m not answering me phone ever again… I’m skeeeerrred…

Moneythey even touched on the eventual creation of super robots that are so technologically advanced right now, that there will come a time when they program themselves to out think us.. and eventually annihilate us for being so inferior. I shit you not. they actually said this. I think I jus had an axy dent in me pants from fright…

Moneyok, I’m done with the doom stuff. it can play your mind if you think about it.

so let’s not!

[these are all my own words.. what I summed up from the program].

Moneyyeah, I feel ya goggie… mOOve ovah, I will join ya..  let’s jus pretend nuttin’s gonna happen, k? k.



Jabacue said...

I so agree Chris! Now what to do and convince the powers that be, not government but BIG BUSINESS and MULTINATIONALS, to change their mindsets and stop being so greedy! It's contagious.....greed is.
We all have to start small and change our outlook first. Or maybe a REVOLUTION!

ChiTown Girl said...

Um....shithead....that was the CERTS commercial, not Doublemint Gum! Don't you remember nuffin'!? The two rolls of mints would click together ("Two, Two...") then they morphed into one roll ("Two mints in one!") God, you're so stupid!!!

As far as all that other stuff, thanks for all the doom and gloom. Now you've ruined my whole night. Man, you really ARE a shithead....

bwahahahahahaha!!! Who love ya, Baby!?

Clippy Mat said...

LOL at Cheech's comment.
Fancy callin' you a sheethead!
I am so doomed.
Why'd you have to tell me all that stuff about robots and everything and right before bedtime as well?
Guess who's going to be pacing the floor tonight thanks to YOU and Di watching docubloodymentaries.
Couldn't you just watch a reality show instead?
damn I'm depressed now.

jo.irish.rose said...

first the dead birds falling out of the sky, now we're all dying....happy frikkin new year!!! where's me prozac???

nice, positive thinking there sister, whats next? dead baby/puppy pictures? cuz i could sure go for some of those!!!

just kidding....im going now....me migraine just took a nose dive! gotta medicate....specially after that post....love you toone.

C said...

oh come on now peeps... it's not that bad... and cheech you are right, it was certs. i need my aricept!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I remember the doublemint twins. They were all so pretty...even the boys.
I'm not having a funeral. The coach will just compost me.

ModernMom said...

Wisdom teeth OUCH! Good thing you are there to lend a helping hand:)

Oh and thanks for making me feel better about trying to buy food locally. I shall stick my head back in the sand about the rest:)

Technodoll said...

Is it wrong to be relieved that I'll be dead and gone when the world takes its final flush down the toilet of doom?