"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


hokey dokey then…

Rolling on the floor laughingthe holidays have come and gone and will sit in the closet for yet another year. although I love the time of year from thanksgiving to now, I feel relieved that its over. but not to worry as I will be excited to do it all again when it comes around again. it’s a freeking good thing they come just once a year cuz I think if I had to do it every month, I’d shank [Suz's word] myself.

Rolling on the floor laughinglast night my sister Denise, her MIL, my oldest son Nicholas and his friend Sage came by.. plus Alex and Christophe were here, too. Nicholas has left his Wii here for Julian and us to play for several months now, so that’s what we did last night… we all played. and I learned something very, VERY important about myself… I couldn’t hula-hoop to save my life.

Rolling on the floor laughingI couldn’t do it as a kid and today it’s even more of a farce! I gave it the ole school girl try, though.. but all I got out of it was listening to me hips whisper obscenities during my attempts and invisible voices pointing at me and laughing their asses off. oh wait, the laughing came from everyone that was here. I did find comfort in the fact that I discovered Diane couldn’t hula-hoop to save my life, either! so I sat down. I guess I just don’t swing that way!

Rolling on the floor laughingmy sister got going on it and was pretty good.. but from the back where I was sitting, she looked more like an out of control pair of pants frantically searching for it’s owner.. ya know, like a total eclipse of the moon gone wild.. we all had fun and laughed A LOT. ohmygod I shoulda took pictures… I think her ass was whispering things too, but she chose not to listen.. it was all in good fun. I really like the bowling and do pretty well cuz in real life I’m an expert at gutter balling. [oh my, that’s sounds a little kinky, eh?]

Winking smile[I LIKE kinky].

Flirt male[TMI].

Rolling on the floor laughingas for todays plans, my son and his friend are coming over to make brunch and bringing all the fixin’s. my daughter, hubs, and jujube may stop over, and tonight we are going to our friends Rob and Cheryl's for prime rib! I will make seafood stuffed mushrooms to bring. [I invented me own recipe]. just like sometimes I invent me own words… hey, if Sarah Palin can do it, why can’t i?

Rolling on the floor laughingI hope your day is a nice one sprinkled with laughter, warmed with love, and for dessert a nice big bowlful of hugs. I’m thinking ours will be.



ChiTown Girl said...

I remember when I first got my Wii, my good pal, Smileygirl, immediately told me to be careful playing the hula-hoop game cuz she blew out her knee doing it!

Sounds like today, from start to finish, is going to be a blast. Have fun!!

jo.irish.rose said...

og i wish you would of took pics or video, i was laughing so hard, jim had to ask what the heck? several times.....i had a visual, now i just need sound and pictures to make it all real. send some next go around, k?

Technodoll said...

Happy New Year ma belle amie (et toi aussi jo irish rose!)

I tried to imagine the hula-hooping and giggled my hips off in sympathy, tee hee! Yeah, I can't do it either. Oh well!

Your seafood shrooms sound soooo good, do you make them with cream cheese?

H&K for 2011!!!

Jabacue said...

Well thank you Miss Chrissy!
I hope you have a grand time at your friend's place.......Prime rib, M-M-M-

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are the Sarah Palin of Nebraska.
I am laughing at your lack of hoola hooping athleticism. It might be the ONLY sport that I am good at. So, what does that say about me??? I have good/movable hips?
Makes me a good wife I suppose.
On some days perhaps. Other days, not so much.

Hope your weekend was awesome. You are awesome. Your family is awesome. I would NEVEr Ever shank them. Forizzle.