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Broken heartI just read this part of coverage for Elizabeth Edwards funeral and I can’t believe that people are allowed to stand by, and do and say these cruel things to those who are already in so much pain from the loss of a loved one.

“The funeral on a cold, rainy afternoon was preceded by a demonstration a block away by picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.

Members of the tiny church have gained notoriety for appearing at military funerals to declare that God punished the soldiers because the United States accepts homosexuality.

Church members said they targeted Edwards' funeral because she supported equal rights for gays. Three adults and two children stood behind a police barricade holding signs that included: "Thank God For Breast Cancer."

“The group believes that God is punishing America for its growing acceptance of gay rights by killing US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Members typically show up at the funerals of war veterans carrying signs reading “God hates fags.”

Broken heartOH.MY.GOD.

Broken heartwhen I read this my rage flared up like an erupting volcano and I wanted to shoot these ignorant excuses for people until they were dead. I’m serious, I am aware that extremists have always played a part in history but this, THIS is outrageous.

Broken heartwe all know how we feel about 9/11, the holocaust, all the wars there have been, terrorists, and slavery just to name a few… but these are actual religious people who call themselves Christians and are attacking innocent people in the worst possible moments. we may be a country of freedoms but how can it be allowed when it hurts other people?

Broken heartthis group of church goers are no different than skin heads, the KKK, white supremacists, or any other group that exists just to destroy who they don’t feel has the right to live. they are no better than those bastards who took down the world trade center, but are being allowed to continue on their journey of destruction.

Broken heartI thought our freedoms were originally put in place to protect the people of this country.. when did it change? and who changed that? even if you personally don’t approve or support gays, it doesn’t mean you can hide behind your opinion and use it to hurt others. you are entitled to your opinion, and “us gays” are entitled to tolerance.

Broken heartit strikes me as ironic that gays just want to have equal rights simply because they are humans on this planet, yet are continually denied their right because of what they do in bed? how degrading to us as a species to think that sex is that important, that sex is the one thing that keeps a couple together and that all relationships are based on sex. you must be pretty ignorant to believe that’s what it’s all about.

Broken heartpoor Elizabeth's grieving family and friends had to tolerate phony Christian people portraying joy for breast cancer, as it killed her… what a fucking ignorant uneducated judgment to make.

Broken heartsometimes, like now, the state of the world and what people do to one another is just too much for me, just too much..

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ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my holy hell! I had not heard about these fucktards. WTF?!?! I share in your outrage.

Great, and it's only 7am, Sunday morning. I'm gonna be pissed the rest of the day. >:(

Jabacue said...

I understand and share your outrage Chris! Yes, these 'christians' are as violent and UNEDUCATED as terrorists are....they are terrorists.
It's our job, as educated, compassionate people to NOT give them an audience to spew their venom and ignorance at. Yes, they have a right to say what they wish (within limits), bu to draw attention only gives them power and diminishes our energy to show that we are better than they.
It is very difficult to do this....I know. But let's all stay strong and 'fight' these ignorant people by ignoring them. If they don't have an audience, then no one is listening.
Now, deep breath and enjoy the day Missy!

ny edge said...

Dear Midwest Mama,
Found your blog from a link on another blog -- I fritter away ridiculous amounts of time doing this but always find some gems (like your site) amongst a whole lotta WTF.
Please don't waste any of your time & energy getting outraged by the Westboro freaks -- outrage is their lifeblood, literally! Do you know where this clan (or Klan) get's their money? from lawsuits. There was a story last year about the father of dead soldier who sued them for harassment (they picketed the funeral) they counter-sued for infringement on their free speech, he lost, they won and got a judgment for $50k.
Fred Phelps (patriarch) and at least two of his adult children are lawyers. They keep upping the ante on hatred hoping for more lawsuit.
sorry...I've just wasted more time writing about these zombies... oops! just want to get the word out that people (and Media) should ignore them & maybe they'll wither away.
OK, deep breath...whew, anyway I like your blog & wish you all the best of luck! D

Maria said...

The Westboro clan THRIVES on outrage. They WANT you to get mad and blog and put their name out there. Wanna hit back? Delete this post. Ignore them. It is the only thing that truly upsets them.

A kid at Bing's school died of an asthma attack. He was gay. They Westboro clan was right across the street with their signs and CHILDREN holding them. I have never seen her shake with rage until she came home from that funeral.

Ignore them. I know it seems like nothing, but seriously, it is the only thing that wounds them.

Anonymous said...

I was going to write the same as ny edge. I've heard a whole lot about these people and one thing they are not is stupid. They know how to make money. They knew protesting her funeral would bring outrage - it has nothing to do with her actual beliefs. Sadly, we live among some seriously disgusting people.

Again, I second ny edge, we need to ignore them so they fade away.

sophie...^5 said...

Ignorance breeds people such as these! I'm just a puppy and all I can do is snuggle you...NOW...do you feel a little better.

Technodoll said...

that's why i think religion is a farce, there are too many nuts giving it a bad name. such a shame to have no heart like that.