"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


the miracles of Christmas never cease to amaze me. it truly is the season of giving and loving, specially when you least expect it. Diane and I were just talking last night about how this holiday season will financially be one of the tightest one’s we’ve ever had..

but it’s ok because we will get through, and we have the most important thing, our FAMILY around us.. I was telling her some stories about how god has always taken care of me and the kids before I met her, and he always does.

today in the mail I received a Christmas card and a beautiful gift from an angel who only knows me from the blogosphere. we have never met, but she opened her heart to me and my family.

I am so touched that I can’t stop crying, as this helps restore my faith in humanity. there ARE angels walking among us, and there ARE Christmas miracles that happen right before our eyes. you MUST believe..

thank you with all of my heart, YOU beautiful friend, you know who YOU are, and I know god will bless you in a very special way as you have a heart of gold.



Anonymous said...

It was truly my pleasure. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is awesome....
Makes my lil' heart flutter.

Jabacue said...

Now isn't this what Christmas is all about!

Technodoll said...

Oh, how brilliant and how beautiful! I am smiling from ear to ear, your joy just shines through :-)

Bless your sweet angel!


sophie...^5 said...

Thanks for the coutchie coutchie coo snuggles Chris....BACK ATCHA...HEAR ME or I'll show up and super lick the both of you! ;-) ;-)
Surprises are what the holidays are all about...things pop up for a reason...that's why I pop up and down all the time...tell me to stop.Cheers!

Maria said...

Wow...what a lovely surprise. And yes, what a doll.

Clippy Mat said...

this is wonderful. You do have an angel, I'm so glad to hear.
and thank you for the lovely Christmas wishes you left for me.
Happy Christmas to you and Diane and your family.
Hugs :-)

La Roo said...

It's when you least expect it.
Merry Christmas sweet friend, I wish you all the happiness always.