"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



today i realized that so far this is the oldest i have ever been. is it any wonder that time after time i continue to amaze myself, just by being ME? and i know that no matter how much i fuck things up in my life, there's always gonna be the morning after. wait, isn't there a pill for that?

i try to find comfort in the little things in life such as plucking all the feathers sticking outta my pillow before i go to bed... to avoid inhaling one as i snore like a bear and suck all the air outta my room and into my lungs. i figure that at some point i will have collected enough plucked feathers to make another whole pillow. so I'm saving money there.

i just got back from the emergency room. yes i continue to have issues with my health that won't go away. i had a bloody nose for over 6 hours tonight and lost A LOT of blood. trust me, I'm a nurse and i KNOW what a lot of blood looks like. it wasn't pretty. but i think i still might have enough to make it through another day.

i must remember i am taking Plavex for the stent in my heart [which prevents clotting to a certain degree].. its a good thing i don't have my periods anymore, if i can lose this much blood from tiny openings such as my nostrils... I'd hate to think how much there'd be from the ole girl down below... she's just a tiny bit bigger than my nostrils. i do thank God for little favors.

driving home from the infamous E.R. the night sky with the nearly full moon was breathtaking. it took my breath away alright... and tossed it out the window. Diane had to give me mouth to mouth whilst she drove. on the opposite side of the highway 2 cop cars were flying with all lights and sounds on. for a moment i thought they were after us for the littering of my breath...

have you ever realized how hungry going to the E.R. can make you? yeah, as i write this Diane is eating a leftover cold pork chop from last night's dinner. Bella is seated close by just waiting for bits to fall and the bone to be done. but the joke's on her because we don't feed her pork bones. i suppose every dog has her day, it's just not hers tonight. sorry, bitch.

it's 3:30 a.m. WTF am i still up for.. even Diane who is now licking her fingers, is still up watching T.V. English soccer to be exact. she watches so much of it that i see soccer balls in my dreams, however i have been unable to make any goals. but whoever speaks in my dreams does so with a British accent. i guess i cant have it all.

well, it's time to go pluck some feathers. my wish tonight is that everyone could sleep in this morning.. but I'm pretty sure it would make our economy take another nose dive. with my luck there would be a huge bloody mess and God knows i don't need that again.




ChiTown Girl said...

Could ya warn a bitch when the word BLOOD is going to be in your post!?!?! Just reading it makes my limbs turn to noodles!!!

Hope you're feeling better when you wake up. I, too, wish I could have slept in this morning. :( But, in exactly 7 hours, I'M ON BREAK, BITCHES!!!!

greg said...

"today i realized that so far this is the oldest i have ever been." Yes, but it's also the youngest you will ever be. :) Enjoy it.

I hope you and Diane are getting some rest!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't believe you...
such a magnet to the E.R. What is the deal?
So, is your nose dry now??? Ughhhh....I wish you could stay home and get better without getting worse.
I hope you are both sleeping now....and you are getting healthy.