"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Eat. Drive. Stay.

well i am not going to bicycle across Europe to find myself and i surely don't look like Julia Roberts


...a trip IS in the air...

yes that's right, i am going to drive across these here united estates and pass through many boondocks and cities over hills and under dails through rain or sunshine to see me lil sister Joanne. I'm in Omaha and she is in North Carolina... that's like, far.


"sweet Caroline... do, do, do, good times never seemed so good.."

i will be stopping to sleep in the back of my car on the way, it's about a 20 hour drive. i will have a shank and a rifle next to my pillow in case anyone wants a piece 'a me... it will be my first trip alOne. i have my MP3 player loaded and ready to plug into my car.

tomorrow Diane and Alex are going to clean the Soul inside and out in prep. for my trip. [i prefer to start my trips with a fresh new batch of dead bugs on my windscreen].

yes, i will miss my family. but i need to do this for ME.. cuz in case i haven't filled you in, i have been through a bit of stress this past year. all my body parts seem to be intact at the moment, including the cessation of my bloody noses, so now is as good of a time as ever.

Jo is just 5 minutes from the beach so i look forward to that. oh! the troubles we may get into together... the imminent wet spots left behind from peeing our pants laughing too hard... i do anticipate a few episodes.. or at least, close calls.

and~ i have not set a date for my return. i will come home when i feel it's time.. Diane insists on that. she knows what i need and is very supportive. she has been the one who has taken care of me this past year and i could not have made it through with out her. i love you, baby.

but being apart from each other has it's good points... we will email and send love notes just like when we first dated.. it will be fun. i know i have gone on and on endlessly about my trip and people take them everyday but i don't get to go on trips much so i am SO excited.. does it show?

me, myself, and Irene will be traveling together... and we WILL have fun. if they behave i may take them sightseeing.. everyone pray for me to have a safe trip... this has been a long time coming. I'll keep you posted. and if you peeps are good whilst i am gone and leave me i miss you C messages whilst i am away, I'll bring all of you gifts upon my return...

something along the lines of saaay for example.. a shiny new box of toothpicks.. the ROUND ones, not those cheapie flat ones that break off in your teeth, or a brand spanking new jar of lip gloss, maybe even a very extra heavy fresh head of cabbage... cuz I'm good like that.

see ya later, alligator,

after awhile, crocodile.

bye bye, butterfly,

after a hug, lady bug.




ChiTown Girl said...

WOO HOO!!!! I'm so excited for you!! I'm a little nervous about you driving alone, though, I gotta say. Be careful, drive safely, and HAVE FUN!! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Hmmm....maybe I should check flights to North Carolina.... ;-)

Jason, as himself said...

Good for you. I like that you are going to do this alone..except for the sleeping in the car part...but I think I would have a very nice time all by myself on a long trip like this, too.

jo.irish.rose said...

i'll take good care of her....and i'm and not the one with the incontinance problems....erm that would be our lil friend here. another one of her, shall we say, um problems? lol we will post pics and stories and episodes of our daily or nightly jaunts. we will keep you updated if there are any "christinasodes" of the medical kind. and we don't promise to behave while she is here, cuz that is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! k?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, a road trip! a road trip! a road trip!!!!
Have fun and beeeeeeee safe!

Maria said...

Good on you. Yes. I used to do shit like that all the time, but as I have aged, I do it less and less. That is pretty sad, isn't it? Have fun.

Technodoll said...

Yippee! Adventure! Woo!!

You're one brave layday, I would never fanthom driving that far specially not alone... OK fine if I were you I would SO go anyways, LOL!

Happy visiting and NO regrets, enjoy every moment of every mile sweetie.

I'll be thinking of you and missing you beaucoup, mon amie - looking foward to updates once you're back, happy and sound!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for you! Have fun and stay safe.

otin said...

My step brother lives in Omaha and just drove to NC with his 4 daughters. he enjoyed the ride. I hope that you have fun!