"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


mY bucKet liSt..

this is my list, however i want to do each of these things with Diane.

bucket list

(1) to seek out and find lighthouses in New England, climb them, have a picnic, and view the sea...

(2) to spend some time in the Caribbean, on a beach with white sands and clear turquoise waters...


and to ride horses on the beach at sunset.


(3) to visit castles in England, Scotland, and Ireland.


(4) to backpack across Europe, enjoying the culture and cuisine in different countries.


(5) to take a vay-cay on a cruise ship.


(6) to go to Quebec city & Montreal, to visit relatives who still live there.


(7) to have an OUTSTANDING vegetable garden in our yard, growing all of the things we love the most, with abundance to share with family and friends.


(8) to go back to my home towns of Malone, N.Y.


and New Britain, CT. Photobucket

to re-visit where i grew up... and of course to have east coast pizza and grinders again! yeah, baby!

grinderpizza restaurants - Bridgeport, CT - Sergio's Pizza - pizza catering

(9) to be able to buy my youngest son a bassoon... he needs one for his music career.


(10) to go on an unlimited shopping spree at the store of my choice.


(11) to sneak into a highly secured facility such as AREA 51, just to browse and not get caught.


(12) to lay on the floor and let dozens of boxer puppies climb all over me, whilst i try to nibble on each one!

View Image

and finally-

(13) to win thePhotobucket because without that, none of these things will be possible!

yes, my peeps, this is my bucket list. i send out my wishes into the universe tonight... knowing full well they will never come true for me in this lifetime, but with the hope that they just might...

ya nevah know.... do you have a bucket list, perhaps....PhotobucketHmmmmm?



otin said...

I think that a lot of your bucket list has to do with beaches! LOL

It is always nice to go back to areas where you grew up.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your list!!!!
When I go back to the house I grew up in, I realize I lived in a dump and thanful to have left it. :)
I don't have a bucket list.
I do have a to-do list and it never ever stops...and it has nothing to do with vacations or the beach. Dang it. I am doing something wrong!!!

jo.irish.rose said...

alot of them are do-able, but you do need to have lots of money....but not soooo out of reach, just save your pennies. you could check a few of them off. the puppy one, go to a breeder, explain your desire, and i am sure they would let you lay on the floor and let the poopies crawl on you! kiss them lil poopsters all over....that would check off one of your list...some of them are easy enough....the garden in the back yard, you do every year, just make it bigger this year...you may have to do some in containers...or get some topsy turvy tomatoes, to hang, we are, with my surgery, i wont have the engergy to dig or keep up this year. but that would be 2 off your list. the others would deff take some planning and saving, starting with going to malone and quebec, you could combine those two into one since they are so close together. then plan the coastal ones, and pizza/grinders together....next thing you know, you will have half your list done!! i dont know about going to europe tho, you know how you love to fly!!! diane would have to sedate you! lol well, anyhoo, i have a list too, but it is way different.

ChiTown Girl said...

Ummm....HELLO!! There seems to be something missing from your list!

14) Go to Chicago and hang out with ChiTown Girl for a while!!

Sending out good vibes toward the fulfillment of this list. Especially 14! ;-)

C said...

oh chichi, of course!!! i'm there, sistah! i want me some laughs and good chitown pizza! we would have a fucking blast!



That corgi :) said...

great list with lots of traveling; I hope you get to do at least one or two of those on your list sometime in the future; a garden seems possible perhaps??


Technodoll said...

I guess if you never play the lottery you'll never win, right?

Love your bucket list... If I ever fall into a big pile of money I'm making at least one of your dreams come true!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love your bucket list! Espeically #s 2, 7, 10, and 12!! =)