"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


a fiNe yOung mAn.


i had a very nice birthday celebration with my youngest son today. we went downtown in Omaha to the Old Market to have dinner at the Indian Oven... one of his fave foods. they didn't open until 5. to kill some time, we browsed through the Overland Outfitters store with all the animal hides etc. [which gagged us] and fresh leather wallets, purses, and such... i lerve the smell of real leather SO much that we HAD to go in so i could get my fill and satisfy my senses. i find it orgasmic. i smelled wallets, hats, purses and jackets [many times over at that] ... to my heart's content i say.. it made me HIGH and i liked it. [is a leather high illegal?].

then we sat in the middle of the market people watching. it was partly cloudy with a cool windy breeze and the lil birds that live there were having so much fun floating on the air currents... diving, landing, running so fast you couldn't see their lil feet, [which nearly made me pee my pants] and chirping lOuDly which in bird lingo must have meant "this is SO much fucking fun.. hey Milton, look at those weirdoes ovah dere- shallst we do a flyby and poop on 'em? nah, replied milt... it's too windy, we might miss."

sometimes people sit on the corners and play an instrument for donations.


this guy was playing the prettiest cello concerto's and of course with my son being the musician he is, he went and dropped $10.00 of his birthday money in the bucket after listening for awhile. he has such a tender and caring soul. it really touched my heart that he did that.



we had a lovely meal of Mulligatawny soup, vegetable Samosas, Chicken Tikki Korma, and Naan breads! the restaurant gave him a free dessert because it was his birthday! a lovely mango sorbet with mango puree and whipped cream called Kulfee.. it was light and fluffy and ended the spicy meal with a cooling of the pallet.


admit it, you thought i was Rachel Ray there for a moment, didn't you..

all in all it was a FINE celebration of my youngest son turning 18. we both decided that our fave part was people watching whilst we listened to the cello, with the melodies surrounding us on the currents of the winds... and the aromas of all the restaurants making their specialties, teased us to drQQling as we were starving and waiting to eat....


our experience took a back seat because when we got home my oldest son Nicholas was waiting with Christopher's birthday present from him..


an HTC HERO Android phone for his birthday AND is paying for it monthly for his graduation next month! Christopher was just elated beyond words!!


hahahaha can you tell?

alas my peeps, i am exhausted now. Nicholas is helping the birthday boy set up his new phone and showing him all the apps... i love to see the brotherly love... i feel like sUch a mOm and i LERVE it!



That corgi :) said...

sounds like a great day celebrating Christopher's birthday! people watching is fun to do for sure and that meal sounded delicious :)

I definitely know Christopher will enjoy his phone :)


ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like the most perfect evening!!

Technodoll said...

Love, love, love the photos! Awe! Almost like being there!

18 years old already - and you don't look like his mama, more like his sister!

Glad you had a great day, the meal made me drooool :»-o