"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



one of my sons is hurting tonight, he and his girlfriend broke up earlier whilst i was out celebrating my youngest son's birthday. he looks so sad, and his heart is heavy... i ache for him as i know all too well that pain of breaking up. i know i need to let him deal with it so he can learn from it... it's just SO hard to do. it's really hard to let go yet be there to comfort him and worse yet, know when to comfort him. he let me give him a hug and i kissed him then he retreated to his room to play Xbox. i guess i will take it one day at a time and trust my motherly instinct to be there when he needs me and to let go when he needs me to do that. it's a very fine line to walk..

just like a tight rope... one wrong slip and boom i fall and hurt my vajayjay.. and who wants to do that?

so tonight when i say my prayers i will ask god to help him through this and make him stronger for it. it sure does hurt like a mQfQ when one of your children hurts...

to my son- honey-


for you... what can i do to help? uh, i think i just peed in the water...


just be sure you don't get that lil piece of skin behind your elbow caught in it... cuz it will hurt.


it could be worse.. you could have fleas..


erm, once you pull up your zipper..


this gal secretly wears men's underwears.. watch out she don't steal yours.


need i say more about how awesome you are?


awwww come on, don't be so sad... you might step on your lower lip again...


this is bob. he can hOOk you up...


you are FREEEEEEEE... yeah!

a ginOrmOus Photobucket

for you...

trust me son, when i say there will be other boxes of Mac & cheese on the shelf... there will be a new flavor of salad dressing for you soon.. the sun will shine once again... the corn will grow in the fields... the bees will still poop honey and sting people... bears will steal picnic baskets, poop in the woods and assure us that only we can prevent forest fires- and fat babies will still fart.

life goes on.

she is not the only jolly rancher in the bag nor is she the only ant at the picnic.. there will be mOre ants at the picnic, PLENTY mOre.. i promise. and one of them will be meant just for you! so next time you are at a picnic, watch your step... you could be stepping on and squashing to smithereens your future sweetheart!


so until then, cry your heart out whilst eating ice cream... the snot will pretty much blend in.

and remember...


and you knOw i have! someday you too will have skills like yo mama.

i love you.



hey peeps! don't forget to read the prior post to this... it has pictures and stuff.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, this just breaks my heart. You're such a great mom, I'm sure he appreciates you being there for him. I hope the heartache doesn't last too long. :(

That corgi :) said...

I feel for your son; it is hard to end a relationship, hoping he feels better soon; (of course I'm thinking this could be a good thing depending on how you felt about the girlfriend; would love for my son to break up with his.....but would never say that to his face.....)


Anonymous said...

It's so painful having your heart broken, I feel for him and hope he moves on quickly.

J. Hi said...

What a sweet mom you are. It does hurt when you see your child hurting. :(

Time will heal.

Maria said...

I am one of those lucky people who have never had their heart broken like that. I suppose that this may be why I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He's so young and yes, there will be others. But still...yes.

Technodoll said...

You are the best mama evar! A talented and gifted writer and spirit-lifter! xoxoo