"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.




the news is chock full of bad things happening to good people. too many rapes, murders, missing people and pedophile cases for my comprehension. it angers me every time i hear of a new abduction, rape or death. lately, there have been too many.

i have come up with a solution for these animalistic bastards who hurt people [and animals]. in my opinion, they relinquish their human civil rights the moment they perpetrate another person.

Alcatraz is an empty facility complete with everything needed to live there, with the exception of supplies. it is just occupying space when in fact, it could be put to good use once again. i say, take all the pedophiles, rapists, and murderers and drop them off on the island to live out the rest of their lives. drop off supplies by air, every week, and let them fight it out with each other... survival of the fittest of the worst excuse for people we have in society today.

in my opinion, pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. Mark Klauss also states this fact every time he is asked to comment on a crime. they may serve time in prison but will surely strike and perpetrate again once let back into society.

it has happened in all of the latest cases of young women being raped, then killed. it has happened in all the latest cases of little children who were abducted then killed. 17 year old Chelsea King was just found, murdered by a registered sex predator who molested a 13 year old girl several years ago, locked up in jail but released by a judge who thought he had been punished long enough..

this man is now 30, has done this to at least 5 other girls since, and is such a sociopath that he has a smirk on his face and shows no remorse, as he pleads "not guilty" as seen in the news. they have his DNA from her dead body and from her panties, but this fucker claims "not guilty" and now because of that outright lie, some criminal defense lawyer will have to be paid by the state [a.k.a our tax money] to defend that piece of shit and to ensure none of HIS civil rights are infringed upon.

we will then have to support him and his needs for the remainder of his life. even if on death row, he will have to be supported for many years before he receives his justice. the victim's parent's monies will be used to support the bastard who killed their child!

then we hear in the news that "if only" they had been kept in jail instead of having been paroled on "good behavior". but it's always too late. another innocent victim has been damaged beyond repair and/or killed. these guys know how to play the game. they know how to have "good behavior" when needed in jail just to get out and strike again. they are monsters who cannot be stopped. nor can they be "cured". how many lives must be taken before our criminal justice system and society realizes this ?

ask a grieving parent who's life will forever continue in the pain of their loss, if they think the pedophile/murderer should have been released from a prior identical crime?

when a person harms another in the most horrific fashion imaginable, i believe they should lose their right to their civil rights, for they are no longer on a "civil" human being level. they relinquish that right with their first strike to an innocent victim. if society would take this approach and people are aware of the consequences that will result with such behavior, they then choose to accept their own fate.

which, again in my opinion, should be that they are banned from regular society and dropped off on a cold, isolated island [Alcatraz] where they can no longer harm an innocent victim. rather, let them be allowed to fight it out between themselves and suffer whatever fate brings them.

why should society continue to pay the price and bear the brunt of such scum, at the cost of a society comprised mostly of hard working, good people? how much money could be saved and used for something to improve our world, rather than contain these criminals who will only strike again? the money could be used for research of diseases, for the homeless, to help the poor, and to assure a safe place for those who willingly choose to live by the rules. it could also be used to assure healthy nurturing environments in the homes of our children so they do not grow up to become sociopaths.

how would this be unconstitutional? how would this be impingement of a murderer's rights? i don't get it. the worst of the criminals are treated with more respect and allowed more privileges than our homeless and poor population. they have warm beds with linens to sleep in each night in a reasonably safe environment. they are fed 3 square meals a day along with commissary privileges to buy extra supplies or food. they can receive mail, watch TV, go on the internet, read, play games, receive medical treatment, not have to pay taxes or any bills, make phone calls, and have visitors. life has become easy for those who kill. their basic human needs are met abundantly, despite the fact they have ended lives and inflicted unimaginable pain on others.

we have people living on the street despite what the weather is doing, with no place to go, nothing to eat, no medical treatment, many with children who have no privileges at all. they have been left to fend for themselves like abandoned animals. where is the justice in that? something is very wrong with this picture.

does it need to get to the point of people taking things into their own hands, because society can no longer handle or control the predators? it shouldn't have to get to the point of vigilante justice, but i fear it will. in some places, it already has. i cant say i wouldn't do it myself if one of my children were harmed.

i have a lil story to share with you. when i was younger [ages 7-9] my mother would have me take my 2 younger siblings to the movies on the weekend. we would walk to downtown New Britain, CT. unsupervised through all kinds of neighborhoods. just me and Denise and Dennis, my younger twin siblings.

one Saturday afternoon, i only took my little brother with me. on our way home from the movies, as usual we had to walk through a very large industrial area, where factories and empty parking lots lined the streets.

a maroon colored car began to follow us slowly then pulled into the driveway right in front of us. the man tried to convince me to get in, and when i got close enough to the car i saw he had his penis in his hand and was masturbating.

i didn't really know what that was at the time but i was beyond frightened and knew something bad was going to come of this. when i tried to walk behind his car, he backed up so i couldn't. when i tried to pass in front of his car, he tried to pin me to the building. i scooped my lil brother up under my arm, glanced at his license plate and took off running across the street. i ran like the wind. he attempted to catch us but i ducked into the projects neighborhood we lived in and found my way home.

in tears i told my mom what had happened and she called the police. they spoke with me and when i told them the license plate number, they called it in. later that afternoon, detectives showed up at our door to talk to me, as the license plate number was registered to a man wanted for molestation and the murder of another child. they were able to catch him. he was a pedophile living with his mother, even though that wasn't the name for it back then.

he could have taken us and did whatever, then killed us. i remember so clearly that even in my fear, i was so afraid of telling him NO because i didn't want to hurt his feelings. tonight as i write that, it blows me away that i would even consider that bastard's feelings, yet that is how a young child feels and thinks.

unfortunately that naiveté and innocence may be how predators capture their victims willingly. i shudder to even contemplate that.

i remember the police telling me how smart i was for having given them the plate numbers. my point being, this kind of shit was going on even when i was younger. it will never change until society as a whole gets fed up enough to say NO MORE! and bans together to force our politicians and leaders to take a drastic measure to change our laws.

the laws need to fit the crime and protect society from these monsters. how many more before something is done? this is happening to our own people, in our cities, to our children, in our land of the free.

did you know there is hardly any crime in Japan? the punishments are so severe for any crimes that Japanese people strictly live by the rules in fear of the consequences. is that really a BAD thing if it saves lives?



Chloe said...

Hi C, you've been through some horrible things. Again, it's a good thing nothing happened to you. I feel for you, and I understand your point about locking these criminals up in Alcatraz or some deserted island with maximum security. These people should never be allowed to roam the Earth freely. They're sick and disgusting!!! I will never understand how a human being can hurt and kill another. Why can't they put themselves in their victim's shoes and imagine what it feels like to feel such pain? These people are monsters, not humans.

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, I could not possibly agree with you more!!! I LOVE your Alcatraz idea! Why the hell ISN'T this being done?! WHY are there decent folks roaming this planet, hungry and homeless, while these assbags are living it up on our dime!? Ugh! I shouldn't have read this right now, because it's going to make me angry and grumpy the rest of the day. :(

I don't know how many more of your stories I can take. Everyone I read = 10 more gray hairs!! But, it makes it perfectly clear to all of us that these are just some of the MANY reasons you are the incredible woman you are today.