"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



a lil update about my sichee-ashon at hand. i found out the following today via several phone calls that i made;

  • i am no longer an employee of the company i have worked at for 10 years.
  • i am considered terminated [but not fired] because i failed to return to my job within 90 days and my FMLA expired. [i am still recovering, DUH]..
  • i will have to re-apply as a new hire if i want to stay with the company. if i do so within 1 year i can maintain my seniority and pay. [prior to this, i was under the impression they had to find me a position]. NOT.
  • they cashed out my few PTO's that remained.
  • i have no health/dental insurance [i may have told you that before].
  • i qualify for long term disability and will receive $215.00 per month until i become employed again. [shall we plan a vacation..?]
  • the remaining splinter that isn't adhering to my bone is still digging into my tissue causing much pain when i move it and do PT. i am calling the dr. tomorrow to see if he will just amputate the fucking thing do the surgery now rather than make me wait in pain, until April 20 to then decide.

i could let myself get very upset about all of this and it's hard to fight my gut reaction to do so. however, i am choosing to keep my faith that everything happens for a reason. i am exactly where i am supposed to be right now. i will do whatever it takes to continue assuring myself of this....

i have lived through much worse than this in my lifetime and i refuse to let myself get caught up in the micro-view of what i can see tonight. god is the only one who can see the big picture. maybe my faith is being tested and maybe i will falter down the line but for tonight i am trusting that everything will work out for me and my family.

it will.

i just know it.

i choose to believe it in my heart.

and i may end up in a happier situation than i ever thought possible when this is all said and done... which would not have been possible if not for all that has transpired.

i was told various things by different people in HR,  Workman's Comp. and a few peers. i felt confused, scared, and unsure of everything... so i took control & made phone calls & asked questions.

i even spoke with a lawyer on the phone who informed me that as long as my company was doing everything according to the law, there was nothing i could do right now. [and yes, they are].

it may seem like a lowdown dirty shame to me [and it is] because everything always boils down to money.... but they are abiding precisely by the law and their policies. now i know where i stand and there is no doubt in my mind to feed the negative worry of the unknown. at least i know what to expect now.

and i will expect good things to happen for me...

lesson learned- do not sit there and wallow in your misery and fear... ask a friend to join you and party hardy! bwahahahahahahahaha

sometimes you have to let the rain wash away your fears so that you may see clearly.



if i were thin i think i would be twins with the girl in the picture ....after all, we have the same haircut.



DysFUNctional Mom said...

So you're being screwed but it's ok, because it's LEGAL! Fabulous.
BUT you have a wonderful attitude and you're gonna be ok.

Clippy Mat said...

You are an amazing woman! It's true, if you let the bastards grind you down, they've double won. I completely agree that there will be an upside to this and you will find it.
Hang in there. Sending you many, many warm and positive vibes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so proud of you for taking the high road and for having such a positive attitude. It seems you have done all you can. I pray something better comes along after you get your arm all betterererer.
Yes, if you are going to need surgery, I say get it done now, stop the suffering and start the healing.

Hugs, Suz

ChiTown Girl said...

TOTALLY on the twins thing!!! ;-)

I'm glad you've decided to have such a positive attitude in the face of such bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue to hold it together as good as you are now - it's the most important thing.

C said...

thanks peeps. i am determined to stay positive and god willing i will.
i just have to keep myself from getting in the way, ya know?


Technodoll said...

I guess that's as good an attitude as any, hun! Way to GO! Screw 'em, really...

So sorry to hear about that arm that just won't heal- keep us posted on what the doctor says, please?

And, would you be willing to apply for a job with the same company someday? after the way they,ve treated you?

otin said...

It always seems that things work out in the end. I hope you keep this attitude. I think that you will be fine!

C said...

thanks everyone for the support... i love you guys..


Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I don't know how that can happen with your job. It just doesn't make sense. Us worker bees are screwed.

I'm a firm believer that shit all happens for a "good" reason too. With the right attitude (which you have and need to maintain) you'll turn this all around for the better.

Hang in there my friend.