"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


mixed fruit.. with eXtra nUts..

i watched our president sign the bill for health care reform Monday. forgive my politically challenged little mind but what exactly does this mean for me? i really do not understand it's implications.

seems to me when our country first began, it was a new world and freedom was the main focus. the goal of the government at that time was to protect the people, keep things fair, and assure everyone equal rights by law.

wha hoppened, Lucy?

power was created and taken advantage of... first they enslaved our black brothers and sisters... then they oppressed our women.... then they burned our witches... fucked our bitches and killed our gays... all in the name of God and righteousness.

today, it seems like the bottom line is always about money and what someone else believes is right for another... in a judgmental condescending way, of course...  to hell with equal rights for everyone! as long as the suits are still getting their bonuses and flying in their jets... what does it matter that we have homeless people on our streets, children who are starving, people dying for no reason, debt over our heads that we can never pay in full to other countries, and THEE most hypocritical people in the world who call themselves Christian but are bigger sinners than those they condemn.. SPECAILLY those picketers in Kansas City who hold up signs at our fallen servicemen's funerals calling them faggots who are now burning in hell... OH don't EVEN get me started on that shit...

i think our "government" wants to control more and more of the freedoms we originally had, [because there is profit in it]. pretty soon we won't have any. i don't know if this new health care reform is a good thing or not. and i will tell you why. it may sound good up front but i am sure somewhere in the shadows there will be those reaping monetary benefits from it, and laughing all the way to the bank. there are so many other problems with our country right now that need fixin...  i would like those in charge to find an immediate solution to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, end the war, bring our troops home, and stop the abuse to our kids and animals. and i would like it all done without anyone making a profit from it behind closed doors. but fuck me hard, i know i am asking for too much...

you can't fix stupid. you shouldn't seed greed. and you can't strive for peace in a time of war. more violence does not promote anything but more violence.

"bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity". [quote from internet]

hEy, is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about Tiger Wood's indiscretions or is it just me.. ok, he fell off the perfect golfer/husband/role model pedestal then everything became public but tell me, dear media, how fucking long is it going to be before you just focus on his golf games again? it has become boring. there have been people cheating on their spouses since the beginning of time, it's never going to change. unless you are personally involved, get over it already. the admission of his sins has permanently overshadowed his entire athletic career and i for one am sick of hearing about it. i am not defending or condoning his actions, i simply say let him and his wife work out their problems... then if you are a golf lover, enjoy the game. otherwise, STFU already.

bear with me, i am nearly done ranting..

which brings me to another highly publicized indiscretion between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. doesn't he know he had America's sweetheart within his arms and he threw her away over a slutty tattooed Nazi loving white supremacist cheap whore of a stripper?

and she's not EVEN pretty!

oh my god... lemme pick my jaw up off the floor. hey sandy, don't take him back, he prolly got cooties from that home wrecker anyways. come on over to our side, us girls will love you reeeaaall good...




DysFUNctional Mom said...

OMG, I said exactly the same thing about Sandra Bullock...I hope she doesn't take him back after he stuck his thing in that cesspool of nastiness!!

C said...

hey cyndy.. DITTO... like, go wash and clorox that thing... lmao

Jude said...

We could be very good neighbors.

C said...

i wish we were, hon... you n ro sound like our kind of peoples...