"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


WARNING! unruly language and a strong opinion to follow-

did you ever watch the show "Toddlers and Tiara's?" well i did last night just to see for myself if everything i pre-judged about the commercials for it, was accurate. and it was. oh my god this show is just child abuse on TV. in my opinion it should be banned as i find it vulgar, abusive, disgusting, and shocking that any parent would put a dollar sign on their child's looks whilst making them perform like little sluts they are made up to resemble. i find NO beauty whatsoever in these little Jon-Benet-Ramsey wannabes. i could NOT believe how PROVOCATIVELY some toddlers danced and paraded about. and the little boys were held up by their moms like competitive trophies. many babies were being bribed with new toys afterwards "if they performed right". parents were fighting between themselves because one wanted the child to do this and be "perfect", getting angry with the poor little toddler when they became emotional or had "tantrums".... while the other parent was not as willing to put the child through pageantry.

i must say my mouth dropped open throughout the whole program, as i felt like i was watching little babies being abused, forced to be what the moms wanted them to be, no matter how tired or sick of the palaver they seemed to be... or how uncomfortable the hairdo's and outfits must have felt... these little girl's go to tanning booths! they get regular pedicures and manicures! you can read about it HERE.

i saw arm twisting, pinching, spanking, and threats made to those who "tantrum". all they wanted was to just be a kid... who the fuck in their right mind would dress up their daughter to look like a slut with puffed up hair and enough makeup to make Tammy Baker's face look naked? one mom stated that "as soon as i saw his face for the first time after he was born, i knew he was going to be my million dollar baby." yep, she really said that. it's all about the money..... the portrayal of having the most beautiful child even if she looks like a slut, and making that kid believe all they are worth is what they can look like on the outside.

yeah, teach them what really matters at such an innocent young age and then cry your fucking heart out one day when they commit suicide because they cannot fill that hole you dug in their soul, with self esteem for who they are, not for what they look like. our kids have enough difficulties growing up and transitioning from one phase of life to the next without this added phony bullshit to deal with as well.

i am SO fucking mad about this, can you tell? i cannot believe this is allowed to be a program. all i can decipher is that maybe the people who support and air this shit are just as shallow, money hungry, and egotistical as the parents who participate. one little 18 month old baby won for being the most "charming" and as he slept in his moms arms from exhaustion from her twirling him around on stage up in the air like a puppy, she dropped the 500 dollars he'd won all around him, for picture taking.

ok you sleazy phony excuse for a parent... is that all that precious baby is worth to you? you might as well call yourself a pimp cuz that's what you are doing- you are pimping out your babies. today for money, but in the future for what? how low will you go? how much more can you devaluate your child?

i hope and pray they end up with some decent human traits when they grow up because right now you don't EVEN know how you must be making them feel inside and what you are instilling in their belief system, even if they have no words for it yet.

to me this program is more disgusting and vile than any blood and guts movie with raping and killing throughout. simply because what is happening to these babies is real life. and the consequences will not be apparent for years to come.

it's wrong.

just so wrong.

I'm not a fan of adult beauty pageants either but at least those girls are old enough to choose whether to participate in them or not.

the babies don't even have a choice. they are here to make their parents some money.... no matter the cost.

good job, TLC.




kimber p said...

C--I totally agree with you on this, I saw the preview for the show and I was more than disgusted, they showed the rear end view of a little girl and she was swinging her little butt out wide like strippers do to show off their 'junk in the trunk' and I was literally floored at how sexual the moves those girls are expected to perform to gain the judge's and their mother's approval......it's nothing short of prostitution.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I've never watched it because I think it would make my head explode.
But I know enough about it to agree with you. They are screwing those kids up now & forever. It's horrid.

otin said...

People have now gotten to the point where they want to become rich and famous through their children. It is sad how far some people will go.

Clippy Mat said...

once again, you've hit the nail right on the head!
It's awful.
there's no redeeming factors involved in having kids act this way.
it's sick.
well said Chris.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It is ridiculous. Those parents are horrid.
My eyes are burning from all the bad words.
I'll see if my ophthalmologist can help me out today.
Damn TLC!

greg said...

Could not agree more! I can't even watch those shows, it's far too upsetting. Great rant!

Chloie said...

I agree!!! I saw that show once and completely hated it. It's giving kids the idea that physical attribute is the one thing that matters most.

J. Hi said...

Agree, total insanity.

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, I've never even heard of this show, as I'm probably the only human being on the planet that still doesn't have cable. But, I was ranting right along with you as I read this. WTF?!? Truly disgusting behavior on the part of the parents AND TLC. Shame on all of you!

dont eat the token said...

Really great PSA. I've never heard of the show but I'm shivering right now. Ick.

Loved this line, "because they cannot fill that hole you dug in their soul, "