"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


boxers or briefs?


it's been awhile since i have posted and to make it up to my loyal peeps i give you the above gift of humor.

it's nearly the end of January and the year is flying by so quickly already... i bet summer is next week and Christmas the week after.. oh god no not ready for that again!

i think that's why the holidays come only once a year- who could stand that much palaver more than once.

my arm is still healing although PT takes its toll on me 3 x week. my therapist has started using iontopheresis on my shoulder as therapy has become so painful. its a patch saturated with cortisone that is transmitted through the skin by electricity... after 5-6 treatments it is supposed to help with the pain. [of course, Percocet's are still my best friends...] it's not painful at all. however, every time i pass an electrical socket now, i shit meself... and i can cook up a meal in the microwave without even plugging it in!


about 2 weeks ago Diane was taking Christopher to his music lesson and a drunk old man in his 70's ran a stop sign and caused diane to run into him. his wife in the truck was also drunk.

it was 3 pm.. he got ticketed for failure to stop and a DUI. the cops had to take his wife home and tow their truck. thank god no one was hurt. my car also had to be towed as it was undrivable.

MY NEW CAR .... 

$4800.00 later it's in the shop. don't worry- i have very good insurance. thank god for that too! and furthermore i am going to request some kind of payment from his ins. for depreciation of my car from the accident.

my youngest sister Joanne of http://mylilirishthots.blogspot.com/  was here for a week and a half. we pretty much just stayed in chillaxin... which is why she came. it was great having her here and we did have our other sister Denise who lives here and all my kids come over for meals and movies. it was enjoyable.

have i told you that no one from the hospital [it wasn't where i work fulltime] i fell and broke my arm at haven't even called me once to check  on me? not only that, the bastards have called me several times to see if i could pick up some shifts there! i explained what happened but they still call... WTF.

well that's all i have to say....

for now.




Chloie said...

Glad to have you back and know that you're feeling better. Hope Diane is okay, too!

Jude said...

boxer video was funny! loved how he had to bark every time he jumped.

and so happy to hear that no one was injured in the car crash...70'd year olds cripes, you'd think they know better.

does your hair stand straight up when you're all charged up?

hey and don't feel too badly about not getting any calls...i got jack from my work (other than 2 friends from work sending me a basket of goodies). but at least they didn't call to ask me to fill in for someone.

ChiTown Girl said...

Hiya, Sista!! I've missed you so! Glad to hear things are progressing with the therapy. So sorry to hear about the car, though. I know how much you LOVE your Soul!! I'm just glad no one was hurt. That geezer and his wife should have been bitch slapped, though. WTF? And, finally, screw those assbags from the hospital. The next time the dumb fucks call, you should just say, "Sure, I'll be right there!" and let them figure out what to do when you don't show!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love visiting your blog because it's SO cute!!!
Anyway, I'm sorry about the car accident! And I hope your arm is getting better every day.
What a bunch of jerks at the hospital! I can see some of my co-workers being the same way. *eyeroll*

C said...

thanks everyone.... it's comforting to hear from you guys again. i missed you all too! jude, yep they B bastards... fucktards and all that shit. chloie, thanks.. cheech you have a great idea, i think i WILL do exactly that! serves them right.


Technodoll said...

Whew! Yey! C's alive!!

And as funny as ever... at least they didn't break your sense of humour ;-)

Your workplace sucks ass. SUCKS!!

Jason, as himself said...

Your new car? That makes me sad. Like I wanna cry sad. But at least you have good insurance!

Now I must go watch the video. It sounds dirty.....

jo.irish.rose said...

im home.....i miss you! come over! after the car is fixed tho...dont bring that ugly PT...i'd be embarrassed to have it parked here! lol but i had such a fun relaxing time there, fleas and all!! morgan misses bella, she wont shut up about her! and she squeaks her balls all the time, i had to take the squeaker out of a couple of them! until she figures out the other two have them also, the lil turd! i miss you's guys! and di, any news yet on your end for the pic and stuff? lemme know all the updates, eh? love you all, keep me posted, k? smoochies, huggies, moi

C said...

TD, jason, dirty goog, i am glad to be back and touched to have been missed. hey, if ya cant laugh at the fuckiness of life what else can ya laugh at, i always say....

does anyone ever visit the FML sight? type in fuckmylife.com, its hilarious! also walmartpeople.com....

yep, i get bored so i surf.... and sometimes turf!