"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


snow forts, not farts...

oswego3_small when i was a kid, my siblings and i used to dig out a snow fart fort with tunnels in deep snow like this. once you walked inside and looked about, the snow had a blue hue to it. we made the fort in our front yard, and believe it or not, it felt warmer inside. we made tunnels to crawl through then little rooms tall enough to stand in which acted as junctions to other tunnels. we sat inside pretending we built our very own new world and planned out how we would arrange and decorate our own lil houses. never was there a thought or worry about it collapsing as i would have today.

anyone ever do this, too?



Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, we built these all the time in florida. NOT. I used to rake all the pine needles into little box shapes like I was making a house 'floor plan'...who knew that ONE day I would obsess about such things and try to redecorate my house every other week.

ps. I would be terrified of a colapse!!!

Chloie said...

Never experienced snow when I was a kid, so when I came here in the US, I was so excited to experience one. Now, I just wish the snow only stays at most 1 month per year.

Jason, as himself said...

In Idaho, they really do say snow farts. Because for some reason they pronounce their "r" controlled "o" words with a short "a" sound.


Totally true.

Technodoll said...

Hells to the bells, yeah!

It WAS warmer in there, snow acts as an insulator... think "igloo" :)

Today I'd be scared everything would collapse on me and I'd die of cold and suffocation, LOL!

Ah, the joys of youth :)

Jude said...

No snow farts allowed while I was growing up in Jersey. I don't think we ever had it deep enough but still, Mom wouldn't allow it and she placed enough fear in me how I would die if one snow flake got up my nose so I listened.

But in the back wooded area, there was a giant nest of vines that had dropped down and formed a tepee type tent. That was my year round fort where all sorts of adventures began.

dont eat the token said...

Totally! Yours sounds way cooler than what we built, but it was always a really neat experience. I loved pretending what it would be like to live there, have furniture and stuff - it was like that in the summer too. Climbing trees, or making blanket forts.

My brother is building one right now.. I should offer to help him. Last year he built fortress walls...

Technodoll said...

Mon amie!

Are you OK?

You are missed :(

Technodoll said...

OK I'm worried now!

Please give a sign of life!!! :(

Maria said...

Oh, yes. I grew up in Iowa, so we had plenty of snow to work with. We also used to flood our yard every year and have a rink in the back yard.

I don't remember much about Spring, but it must have been a huge mess.

Sheila D said...

We had a blizzard, I think it was 1978, and I have a picture of Cathy in a tunnel when we were trying to shovel out the driveway on Maple St., where you came to visit.


C said...

sheila- yeah i remember that! ohmygod was it that long ago? i also have a few pictures i'm sorting through of you and i in the good ole days.. i will send them to you as soon as i get them all together! you will just die at some that i have.... i cant wait! you and i must of been 8 and 9 in some. bwahahahahahahaha

TD- yes i am still here!

maria- we had a skating rink which was made with the hose too and when i was 5 i fell through the ice and broke my left leg...

suz, i today would be afraid of a collapse... it would be just my luck.

chloie, if you ge the chance to experience snow, its magical.... you wont regret it...

dont- you go help your bro1 it'll be fun! yes i pretended about the furniture and stuff too. and also enjoyed forts made outta blankets over tables.. moreso with my own kids tho cuz my mom didnt want us to mess anything up. we'd have lunch inside it.

jason- bwahahahaha thats too funny!

jude- your back woood tent sounds So appealing and comfy... why do we like that so much as kids anyway... maybe cuz we feel like its our own first home away from home...?