"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


the night it snowed SO hard i couldn't see past my eyelashes.



we are having a white out- [pictured above] as i write this, the whole city of Omaha and suburbs have shut down because of this storm. there is already a foot of snow on the ground [that i guesstimated]. it is beautiful as i look out of my window. all i have on inside are the Christmas tree lights-

[betcha thought i was neked didn't ya?] and even in the middle of the night, it's bright out there from the reflections of the snow. i opened the door to listen... and i heard the howling wind whipping the snow around like nobodies biZZniSS.

the neighbor's Christmas decorations have made their way to other houses.. and presumably will be retrieved in the morning. cars are just a huge mound of snow... and there aren't any little animal prints on the freshly fallen white stuff as of yet. just the pure, intact, blanket of frozen raindrops we call snow.

when the wind stops gusting every now and then, all i can hear is the quiet snowflakes falling to join their friends that fell earlier today.... 

snowflak3snowflake2snowflake1    i listen for some kind of reunion but to no avail... just quietness. [somebody oughtta teach the lil fellas how to party hardy...] then the wind begins again scattering the freshly fallen snow into drifts against houses and trees that must certainly be 4-5 feet high.

i could go hide in one, wait for people to walk by and jump out to scare them! maybe one would like, drop a shovel, or summit like that. or lose a glove... oh so many things could happen... maybe even someone could poop in their pants from fear...

don't i sound so mean...? yeah well, lucky for me i am mean AND lazy. I'm too lazy to dress up warm and too wimpy to stay out in the cold very long. the bOOgY-sNoW-mOnStEr might try to kidnap me.


I'd have to warn him not to jostle my gimpy arm, we would probly argue cuz i know when i tell someone NOT to do summit, they always try to do what i asked them nicely NOT to do... they start pushing me, name calling begins...

and before i know it he'll be bringin my mama into it which makes me very angry cuz i know he don't EVEN KNOW my mama... oh! the things he might say...!! she never did anything to him!!!

then everyone is cold and out of breath.. i would like to be courteous and invite mR. bOOgY-sNoW-mOnStEr in for some hot cocoa to warm him up before he goes on his way to scare yet another innocent victim... but I'm afraid he might wet abb on the furniture cuz he's so big and hairy and such... so i just let that thought float out into the universe... besides he said bad things about my mama and tried to hurt my gimpy arm.... no way, José...

"you just go on your way now mR. bOOgY-sNoW-mOnStEr and be careful when crossing the street as they are extra slick out tonight..."

it would be so easy to get into trouble on a night like this. with the whiteout, i also take the risk of possibly not finding my way back home again.. and what if i had to pee? that would be a dilemma as i would surely freeze me bits off, and possibly the two hairs that remain...

ohhhhhh its too scary of a thought for me.

i think i will stay in.

with my dog.

and guard the prezzies under the tree.

if we had any.

hey watch out for the


cuz i KNOW he is out there



                  freezing his balls off.




ChiTown Girl said...

OK, exactly WHICH pain med were you on when you wrote this post?! And, can you share with the rest of us?! ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

how in God's name do you come up with this stuff??? and then type it all up with one hand?
you're crazy woman.
but I like you.

Technodoll said...

I want to wish you the best of luck and a superspeedy recovery tomorrow, sweetie!

You are in my thoughts!

The abominable snowman is not.


(( hugs ))