"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i am home now from my surgery. the break in my arm was worse than the dr. first thought and he ended up puttin a rod and 4 pins in my upper arm. the pain of the surgery itself was not as bad as i first anticipated, and i ended up staying on my own unit with my own peeps taking care of me.

i ended up receiving 2 units of blood due to my anemia... and my HGB is still 7.6 [norm is 12-15]. Monday i have to go back to my family dr. for another blood work up. my arm is not casted... just gauze with a ton of staples underneath. the pain is not too bad. i started physical therapy in the hospital the day after the surgery. now THAT hurts and probly will for a long time.

on my last night on the unit, my nurses [friends] were walking me to sit at the nurses station and visit... well i had a pair of those mesh panties on that we give to our moms to wear after delivery... one size fits all.... yeah, so I'm walking out into the nurses station and i felt them slipping and only had time to say OOOOHH SHIT when down they came! so I'm standing there LMAO trying not to piss myself while the mesh panties are around me ankles for all to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i missed our annual Christmas parties this past week.. the employee one at the hospital Thursday night, then our bosses' one on Saturday night.. ah well there is always next years.

have a happy, safe week in this pre-holiday season..  i will write again soon. and remember my friends-

"nuthin says lovin like something warm from the oven..."

[I was thinkin Pillsbury muffins but you are free to interject your own thoughts]..

i KNOW how some of you think.


ok so i never did post this as you can see... i spent the weekend in a good amount of pain and had several emotional episodes interspersed with much needed sleep.

i fell again. this time in my living room on the carpet. i pretty much skinned up my right elbow with carpet burn as i went down. THANK GOD i didn't hurt my broken arm. i was in shock and wondering who this klutz of a person was who has taken over my life turning me into the clumsiest oaf i have ever known. WTF is wrong with me....?

my oldest son spent the weekend here, helping in so many ways. he cooked for us, helped the boys REALLY CLEAN their rooms.... it was absolutely great having him here. a few friends stopped by to visit unexpectedly, and another good friend brought dinner one night- yummy tortellini. i am blessed to have people care about me.

i just don't feel like myself yet. I'm in enough pain to take Percocet and taking them keeps me drowsy so it feels like I'm always in a groggy funk. i haven't begun to prepare for Christmas yet and it's next week. the only comfort i have is that our tree is up in the living room and being that i sleep in my recliner there at night, i get to fall asleep staring at the twinkle lights. little pleasures bring me warmth.

thank you everybody for the well wishes and prayers. i know they carried me through the past week. i will try to write again soon.



Clippy Mat said...

OMG woman! what is wrong with you?
stop falling down for god's sake!!
my nerves are shattered.
so sorry about the op and everything. that's really bad.
i have been thinking of you and wondering how you are. so stay still and stop dropping your knickers everywhere.
i hope you soon start to mend and so glad for you that you have such wonderful people in your life to take care of you.
this doesn't surprise me tho'.
sending you a big hug. but not too tight don't want to make you yell.
take care.
get lots of rest.
(sorry about the physical therapy so soon.)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The vision of you with your fake panties on the floor? Priceless!!!!
You poor thing. I am glad that it is over and now you JUST have to recover. I say JUST like it will be easy. I know it won't...I hope it goes by quickly and you are feeling better when santa comes for a visit!!!
Hugs, Suz

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Poor you! I hope that it gets easier from here. Best wishes to you.

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my God, C! You poor, poor baby. I can't believe you fell! WTF for real!?

I hope the pain subsides soon, and that you aren't miserable next week for Christmas. Rest up!

Jude said...

OH Sweetie! What a time you've had! Glad to hear though that you're back home and being taken care of.

Please take it easy and give yourself a Christmas present of not being hard on yourself about Christmas.

Good thoughts, hugs and love being sent your way.

C said...

thanks everybody, your warmth hugs me from across the miles.


Technodoll said...

Very relieved to hear you're back on your feet (well... LOL!) and able to blog again, wow you're tolerant to pain! Or you're on good meds? ha ha!

Family and health are everything.

I know you cherish both every day -

** hugs **

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Get better soon! That's an order!