"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Up DaTe oN ThE dOwN LoW

Diane took me to see the dr. i had before with the rotator cuff injury back in January. why not, he knows me now.. he had another x-ray taken. the whore bitch that took this x-ray painfully bent my arm into an L shape and held it there. it hurt ALOT to do so. and when the x-ray had been taken, the fucking whore bitch just let go of my arm and down it went! i screamed like a girl Photobucketand she just walked away! i couldn't believe it! she works right there in an orthopedic office- you'd think she would know better. thanks to her i was in severe pain the rest of the day and threw up on the way home from the pain..


ok, back to my dr. visit- he took a looksie at the new x-ray and was very surprised to see that in only 2 days the compression brace had pushed one of the splintered bones back against the humorous. he was ecstatic! he has me penciled in for surgery to place a rod down through my shoulder and screw my bones together, next Thursday. [ah, that sounds a lil dirty, don't it? nay, I'm SO not in the mood] he said if the brace continues to heal my arm like this, he may not need to do the surgery at all! i go back to see him next Wednesday, have another looksie via x-ray and decide from there. of course guess what lil skank whore WON'T be taking my x-ray? i told him what she did and i hope he fired the bitch... or at least made her do a thousand push-ups whilst getting irradiated and loses all of her hair! i have NO tolerance for unprofessional professionals! meanwhile, back at the ranch... last night my oldest son Nicholas came over to hang out for the evening and we watched back to back episodes of "house hunters".

Photobucketwell, my pain meds are starting to kick in and i must go sleep now. have a great weekend, peeps! be careful now, and DON'T fall.




joe said...

That bitch...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Whore bitch? I think the name Bitch Whore is more appropriate. I suppose good news...maybe you won't need surgery at all??? LEt us know.

I love house hunters...especially when the people are smart enough to pick the house I am yelling at them to do so!!

Chloie said...

Hope you get better soon!

kimber p said...

omg C..can I come to your city and go kick that shit head nurses' ass??

I can't even picture your injury without getting lightheaded, so the pain you're feeling must be so over the top intense..take it easy and I'll keep hoping for the best :)

Jill said...

You poor thing!! OMG I had to look back a couple of posts (i've had my head stuck up my jewerly making ass these days) and read of your breakage. OWIE! I bet you feel blessed to have your sweetie taking care of you. I've got you in my thoughts. xoxox J

Jason, as himself said...

Mean, inconsiderate people should not work in health care. They should work in a cubicle, all alone except for a computer screen.


I hope your arm feels better.

Technodoll said...

OK that woman? needs to be fired beaten with a baseball bat and her gas tank filled with sugar. cuz she's sooooo not sweet.

awesome news on your healing powers!! gonna pray it keeps up, you have other things to do than get a rod stuck in your arm, girl!


How's your spirit holding up?

** hugs **

Clippy Mat said...

i don't pop in for a few days and look what you get up to. holy mother of God woman that is bad. very bad. i just read the last couple of posts. you poor thing. the pain! i can only imagine. I feel so sorry for you. This is terrible. sending you warm hugs and glad that Di is looking after you so well.
The 'woman' who took your x-ray should be shot, how do people like that find their way into a caring profession?
take care. hope all goes well today.