"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


t'was a good night..


[Nicholas, 25- Emily, 22- Alex, 18- yours truly, 54- and goofy silly Christopher, 17]

i had a wonderful berffday Saturday night. dinner was yummy at my daughter's, all my kids were there and of course my grandson!


chocolate cake with homemade marshmallow frosting is my fave and Emily made it for me. yummy. after dinner, my oldest son Nicholas presented me with all of our old home movies he had burned onto DVD's and as i walked in and it was playing, there were my babies right there back in the day! oh, the memories! the tears i shed watching them. the comical remarks each made about this and that. for a brief moment i was right there back to my favorite time of my life, when my children were little. hearing their little voices, seeing the little facial expressions, the chubby lil baby arms and legs, the toothless grins, watching them living the simple life we had back then... my heart was just overflowing. i couldn't of received any better present than that. it had been years since we viewed those movies.. later, Nicholas shared with me that he cried his little heart out as he made the DVD's and i nearly lost it. I'm sure he was filled with alot of good memories but also alot of pain at the same time, for what he lost.. I've done the same thing watching my own few movies of my youth too, which always leaves me with an emotion i have no words for but my soul knows well. [which by the way he also burned onto DVD] he is SO wonderful.

we had a late night of ALL of us just being together, which means more to me than anything money could buy.



Busy Bee Suz said...

This sounds like the best birthday ever..all your kids??? How great!!! Love the family picture...love the DVD's. I wish Nicholas could do them for me too, do you know how he converted the vhs to dvd???
Happy late birthday...take care, suz

kimber p said...

What a gorgeous bunch of babies you made, C!! Your daughter reminds me of Lea Michele on Glee..she's Beautiful!!

This warms my heart knowing that your family is healing and loving..what more could a mom want? :)

jo.irish.rose said...

awwwww toone, what a nice night! i wish i was there to have shared it with u! just know that i love u and pray that all continues to go well. je t'aime ma petite crotte!

ChiTown Girl said...

OH MY FREAKIN' GOD!!!! ALL your kids?!?!? Woo hoo!!!! You have NO idea how happy it made me to read this!!!

How did I miss the reconciliation with you and your daughter? Who cares, I'm just glad it happened. Your children are gorgeous, as is your beautiful grandson.

This sounds like it was the PERFECT night! The whole movie thing made me tear up myself. What an incredible gift, and how incredibly thoughtful of your kids to do that.

Happy, happy birthday, my sweet friend!!

Technodoll said...

Well it's about time your children all get together to celebrate YOU! Lord knows how much you've missed them!! YEY!



Technodoll said...

OMG I just heard about your arm, via your sister! Hun that is terrible, I wish I could do something to help :(

Painkillers: use them. Family and friends: use them too.

(( healing hugs ))

Chloie said...

Happy birthday!!!

You have such a lovely family! Beautiful kids!

Jason, as himself said...

So glad it was a good one!