"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.




to most, this number is insignificant... or maybe it reminds you of studio 54, the infamous nightclub in NYC that was known for drugs, sex, & rock-n-roll within the club where only the most famous people were allowed to enter. there was also "car 54 where are you"- one of my fave TV  shows growing up with Tooty and Muldoon, in it's black and white classical state. and that song "54 ways to leave your lover" which has nothing to do with this post. but this isn't about those 54's, it's about ME. it should always be about ME. 

little christine

it's my 54th birffday today and to most of the world i am a very cute an unknown 54 but to a few special people in my little world, i am everything. MOI, the oldest of 4 a little girl born in New Britain, CT.. eating east coast pizza and grinders the best of which i will forever miss IMG_0009

[moi age 4... 50 years ago!]

who grew up in the projects without a father, survived some really rough younger years eventually migrated to upstate New York with my mom and 3 siblings to be closer to her family in Quebec.. IMG_0014IMG_0005

[our home in Malone, NY]

  i was a hellion normal high school kid who met her soul mate husband-to-be at the incredibly young but who could tell me anything back then tender age of 13;

IMG_0006 over the years, i became a wife- a mother- remained a daughter- a sister- befriended stray bears and eventually settled down in Omaha, NE... home of the cornholers oops i mean cornhuskers! IMG_0015 IMG_0007 i was blessed with the miracle of 4 beautiful children who came to me every which way but loose in the most special of ways when i lived many years never knowing if i would have the thankless but oh so worth it job pleasure of experiencing parenthood. [oh the stories i could tell you!]  IMG_0017

[Nicholas & Emily]


[Alexander & Christopher]

IMG_0010[all 4] 

i survived a divorce, put myself through college to become a nurse- IMG_0012 work in my dream job in OB and met my soul mate for the second and last time, Diane. [did i mention she is silly]IMG_0013   [this is beginning to sound like a resume, whatta my applying for, the Nobel peace prize or summit?] my most important accomplishments are my 4 children- my precious grandson- and the fact that i can make the pig noise in my throat and was able to buy a new car a few months ago! I'm still monetarily poor, [and always will be unless i win the lottery but i think you have to buy a ticket first] yet consider myself the wealthiest woman on the planet [most days] because of the richness of the ones i love in my life. [they may not always be nice or do their chores but they're mine] i have good friends, IMG_0011 a beautiful dog with perpetual bad breath, soft butter on the counter ready to go, and a small pool that came with this rental we live in... i have my health [cuz no one else would want it], a bicycle to ride every spring/summer, and i have cable TV. i can sleep when I'm tired, eat when I'm hungry, laugh when i have gas at the MOST inappropriate times, and get all the hugs i could ever want.. i live in a pretty much safe neighborhood, it's peaceful. and only 8 miles to work. for what it's worth [ALOT in my book] my four kids are all doing something they love, and prospering. [well, the 2 youngest ones are still prospering from home and i plan on keeping them here until they turn 40]. i have an important connection to many peeps in the blogosphere whom i don't even know what you smell like if i will ever meet.. and i feel a sense of community with. what more could i possibly want when i am blessed with all of this? [OK, so my freezer needs defrosting, we have wild monkeys in our backyard, one of the burners on the stove doesn't work right, and i could use new sets of sheets for the beds but let's not get technical] so yes, today is my birffday, i am 54 years older and wiser but i will always remain a kid at heart. now go pour yo'seff a nice cold one [be it juice or beer or wine or Kool-Aid or iced tea or coffee or elephant juice or water] and join me in a toast to celebrate this special day-->

bottoms up! [American]

cHeRRiO! CHEERS! [British]

a votre santé! [French]

salud! [Spanish]

CIN-CIN! [Italian]

kampai! [Japanese] 

PROST! [German]


awww shucks, let's just say 'em all... why not..

and if these don't cover everyone, look here http://www.awa.dk/glosary/slainte.htm  

for the international glossary of how to say cheers in ANY language you can think of!  

[hey not so rough you'll break the glasses!]


ALIAS the birffday girl.


the pictures can be viewed larger- just click 'em.


SkylersDad said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day.

otin said...

Happy Birthday!! You are a true original!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, my Bloggy Buddy!!! I wish I could give you a birthday hug right now. I'll send it through the internet...did you get it?

How did I miss that your birthday is the day after my baby's? He (sniffle) turned SIXTEEN yesterday!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day today!!!


C said...

thanks you guys.... awwwwww shucks, i B blushin...
not really! bwahahaha


C said...

Here's hoping that today is as uplifting as u need, as fun as it should be and as warm and loving as u deserve...(oh that last bits my department) i love you so much. PLP...your wifey Diane

jo.irish.rose said...

aww, wish i was there, i miss everyone and all the festivities!! je t'aime ma petite crotte! bonne annee!!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect birthday post! I really enjoyed looking through your life in pictures, thank you so much for sharing that. Wow, so after you got divorced you went back to school and became a nurse - I am really impressed and admire that.

A very Happy 54th Birthday to you. You deserve it.

Clippy Mat said...

lovely birthday post chris.
happy, happy 54th and here's to another 56.
i will "oogy wawa" you tonight when i have a glass of wine.

kimber p said...

oogy wawa, indeed!!! I'll take 2 in a size 10, please!?

Happy Birthday Chris, hope you're having the best day ever :)

Ellie said...

Happy birthday : )

Jason, as himself said...

Loved the photo summary of your 54 years. Have a great year. You deserve it.


Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Happy Bday!.... I really like you :) And thats the best birthday gift I can give... and trust me... I had one on you :) G'nite.... hope all is well :)

C said...

thanks everyone for the good wishes and oogy wawa's... which happens to be my fave of all!

La Roo said...

You're such a sweetheart and a darn funny one.
Happy Birthday my blog friend.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I am ALWAYS late.
Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day and I'm glad it's been a good 54 years.

Technodoll said...


I'm so sorry I missed your special day, wish you would have warned your blogging buddies that you had a celebration coming up - I feel like a heel now!

Sounds like you're in a great place in your life, what more could anyone ask for?


J. Hi said...

Happy Belated Birthday, C!! Love your post and love you!! :)

Maria said...

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

(We get to go out to dinner at the restaurant of our choice for our birthdays. Bing always chooses Thai Pepper, Liv picks O Sole Mio and I like Guaca Maya or Bohemian Cafe...)

jo.irish.rose said...

my sister C, as u know her, fell and broke her arm at work. i am sure she will fill u all in, but until that time, please keep her in your prayers, she is in alot of pain and will be out of work again for an extended period of time. i wish i was there, toone, to take care of you, but please know that i love u and will be praying for your quick healing. je t'aime, ma petite crotte.

Anonymous said...

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