"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Diane, the wife... yeah, she who must be obeyed...

chihuahua-toupeelizzen to me whenst i speak... i am the Donald, Donald Frump.. 

Diane has started a blog after seeing how much i lerve mine having a brainstorm of an idea to make it about living GREENER lives. she plans on covering every topic that pertains to life [which in essence means just about everything]. so far she has done well with her research of a few things and her last post about eating organic foods really opened my eyes because i thought organic meant NO pesticides- all natural- healthier. i was wrong. it's just another name for high priced foods with covert poisons added to them because they still use cancer causing agents pesticides. they are plant based pesticides but can still harm us. please help me I'll pay you support her efforts and take a looksie, would ya? and if you really wanna help, you could be a real champ sweetheart and grab the GO GREEN button on my page and add it to yours if you feel guilty compelled... jus sayin'. [we were all beginner bloggers twice once... i like to help my peeps out when i can]. thank you ahead and the check is in the mail of time to those of you who will take a looksie. i appreciate it and i know Diane will as well!

today we had my oldest son and his friend over for the day and had dinner together. it was lervely. as we sat at the dining room table chowing down like porkies snort snort eating our dinner, i looked out the windows to our side yard and watched as it rained down neked women leaves from the many trees we have in our yard. it was SO beautiful. all different colors, floatin' and blowin' in the wind.. much like Nell the lil chickapea you can't see the grass at all even though Diane nearly broke her achin back just raked a few days ago! and there are still many millions thousands of the lil bastards lovely leaves left on the trees yet to fall!

Diane's ex girlfriend [they have remained as family over the years] and her daughter are coming to the states from England this Weds. they will be flying into Kansas City or Omaha would have been closer, DUH.. Denver, Co. we want SO bad to drive out there to see them. as of tonight i don't know if i can call into work and pretend to be sickly rearrange my work schedule this late in the game but it was a spur of the moment decision for Karen [that's her ex] to take this trip. Karen and her 22 year old daughter will rent a car and are you fucking kidding me? drive out west exploring the states for 2 weeks. the other option is to meet up with them on the return trip back to Denver as they will fly out from there to return to England. the probs. are 1.) i am up for jury duty at the same time as the return trip... b.) it's also mine and Julian's birthday during that time... and 3.) to try to go this week is really exciting pushing it because i have to work and we have a funeral to attend to. as a last resort another option would be for Diane to go out there without me, but i really want to meet Karen. they haven't seen each other since Diane moved here to be with me in 1999. it may be the only chance they ever get to see each other again so no matter what happens, i will make sure at least Diane gets to go. I'll be really very truly fucked off if i can't go i guess what's meant to be will be... i will keep you posted. tomorrow is manic Monday and the start of yet another week drawing us closer to the pocket emptying emotionally guilty last chance of the year to make things right and go in the hole just to buy gifts you can't really afford for people you don't really like holidays. where did this year go? when i was a kid, time passed sooooo slowly to me- being off on summer break from school and Christmas vacation seemed to last forever... now time passes faster than a speeding bullet i can blink my eyes or pass a gas!!!


good night my poops peeps. happy Monday, i hope everyone has regularity a good start to the week.



DysFUNctional Mom said...

Dude, I'm tired just reading this.
Off to check out the Green blog (I'm going to add the button but I want you to know what a sacrifice this is. My former married last name was GREEN and it KILLS me to put "Go GREEN" on my blog! ha ha ha)

Technodoll said...

Blogging is contagious, I must go see your wife's page! Weee!

And yes time passes too fast... it's scary mary :(