"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


SLUMDOG... erm, fail.

animals0001 this is who i am inside.

Diane and i just watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. i did not like this movie at all AT ALL. yes it had a good ending, however the violent life those poor children lived and the pain they endured, gagged me. i wanted to change the station but Diane wanted to continue watching it. she actually liked it. to each their own, i say..

it made me cringe in my seat because i know damn well that is how life really is in many parts of the world. i admit i am a pussy. i do not like having to see the hardships that befall humanity and animals. i know all too well that they exist and i do everything in my power not to be reminded. i prefer to live in my little world with my little life and be oblivious to the holocausts that some people unfortunately must call their lives. why? why am i such a pussy? because it hurts me too much to be reminded. i was nearly coming off my seat and my heart was in my throat watching this movie. i kept wondering when it would get to the good part.. after all, it won awards. the only good part was at the end and to me it wasn't worth the torture of watching the movie. some may say i am like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand rather than live in reality sometimes. when it comes to abuse and cruelty of animals and people- yes, i am. i fully admit it. i cannot watch where meat comes from. i cannot watch documentaries of animals killing others for food or puppy mill reports. i cant even watch animal channel's show where the humane society goes around rescuing animals. stories of abuse or murders of our children are so painful for me. i am the first in line to judge my weaknesses and admit my shortcomings. i wouldn't want to be any other way. maybe it's because i grew up in my own private war zone and endured enough loneliness, abandonment, and pain to last me 4 lifetimes. i am hyper-sensitive to such things. i didn't have a choice growing up except to survive, but today i can choose to avoid. i give myself permission to do so. i relate too deeply to the helplessness of animals and children and i can't tolerate the pain. my heart needs protection from such atrocities and the Caylee Anthonys and Somer Thompsons and the Adam Walshes of the world because i can't handle the horror. does that make me a bad person? NO. does it make me a pussy? YES. right now my self acceptance that i am a pussy stands all on its own and that's ok because that is all i need. i have myself.

i do not like green eggs and ham i do not like them Sam i am SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE I DO NOT LIKE IT I DECLARE...



DysFUNctional Mom said...

I had a hard time with that movie and didn't finish watching that. I can't watch very violent movies. I also have a hard time with the kidnappings, etc. Another thing that bothered me HORRIBLY was when the singer Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter was accidentally ran over and killed, in their own driveway, by Chapman's SON. Just the thought of that family's double-whammy of grief is overwhelming to me.

Clippy Mat said...

chris, you are a sensitive soul. and for good reason. why fill your brain with more horror when you've seen some bad things yourself.? i understand that.
bad stuff happens. it's not wrong to want to shelter yourself from it. i agree.
those sidebar pics are lovely by the way.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I also tend to put my head in the sand and try not to see these things that I can not change. I also won't watch this movie for the same reasons as you!!!

Tina-cious.com said...

It was hard to watch... but I thought really well done. :)

kimber p said...

omg--I have to whole heartedly disagree here with your opinion of "SM"..I believe it speaks directly to the strength of the human spirit and the tenacity with which Jamal lived his life and ultimately met his goals.

I love the fact that the million dollars met nothing to him when he heard Latika's voice on the other end of the phone, everything he'd gone thru was worth it to him in order to keep him on the path to her...that's the stuff of legendary love stories.

You're such a sweet heart, such a tender heart, C and I really admire that about you, Vic is the same way, she won't watch pain of any kind, I think for me it's seeing the journey from a life of utter misery to a life of love and success that attracted me to this..Jamal NEVER gave in to his circumstances, he kept his eye on the prize..that's what I loved most.

Jude said...

I spent a whole month in India and the only thing that was missing from the movie was the odor.

It was hard seeing the children in various stages of poverty. One time while I was in a stopped cab, a small begging hand reached up to the window. That's all I saw, a little hand.

I would go back in a heart beat.

Technodoll said...

I agree it was hard to watch but I really loved that movie... didn't expect to but I did.

Brings home the world's reality, doesn't it?

And no that doesn't make it any easier to watch.


C said...

DysMom, clippy, suz, tina, kimber, jude and Td- thanks for the comments. i think the art of movie making is that it touches everyone in different ways.. and that's a good thing.. that's true art. i too can admire the focus jamal had his entire life and i think that is what helped him to survive as he did. i just have a very hard time watching the torturous life he and his people had to live through and even though its just a movie i know that shit really happens and i am so sorry for people like that, i can't fix it for them and i would if i could.

hey thanks, peeps... i LERVE a good discussion like this!



C said...

hey jude, i would love to read a post about your trip to india if you ever feel compelled. how interesting it must have been. i too would love to travel.


Jason, as himself said...

It really is a harsh, cruel world.

But at least you're a pussy with company!

Jill said...

When you posted this I thought "Hrm, I don't remember that movie." Wanna hear something creepy? It came on THE NEXT DAY. So I started watching it and I thought, C isn't a p****, she's just got a heart. :) It really is a tough movie to get through, but sometimes the movies that force you to see how horrible things are in other countries really make a difference in the world. Let's hope it did.

jo.irish.rose said...

Toone, miss u and hope all is well over in the middle! Feeling yucky today...UTI and migraine! What a combo, eh? Well, hit me up, k? Tell Di hey also...and the kiddies. Smoochies and hugs!