"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


truth or lies..


I'm sure most of you have seen the recent shocker of an announcement by Mackenzie Phillips stating she had a consensual sexual affair with her father… different news programs have been showing it over and over. some of the remarks stated by supposedly professional media people have left me feeling as though we live in a cold-hearted judgmental world and it angered me.

some of you know i am a sexual abuse survivor as i have posted about it a few times. i have the deepest, most empathic sympathy for anyone who has been sexually abused… i have heard all kinds of stories in the support groups i used to attend, and i know of a few of you in the blog world who also were victims. everyone has a right to tell their story. and everyone has a right to be validated and supported. however, i feel disturbed about this particular revelation and i don't know why. i want to believe her but then if i do, i have to justify that it was the many drugs she took which made her do this willingly. if i say i don't believe her, i fall into the category of being judgmental and i don't want to be that either. god bless her heart. she has had a terribly hard life with many trials and addictions to overcome. i feel that this is a perfect example of the girl who cried wolf… she has had SO many problems that it makes it difficult to believe her, when she might in fact be telling the truth now. i am sad that this happens to people, she isn't the only one incested by a parent… nevertheless, it is a horrible dirty terrible thing to live through. the sense of betrayal, anger, confusion, pain, and need for love all mixed in together like a bad recipe… how would one even begin to unravel that.. and then there is the aftermath… that person will never be the same again..

she also revealed she used to roll joints for her father at age 10… then he first shot her up with cocaine when she was 11. so i guess my question is, is she to be believed, or not? regardless of whether it is true or not, obviously this woman needs healing. her face on oprah looked so hardened… you can tell she has been through alot. if she is being truthful, i wish for her to find healing and peace. and she must eventually forgive herself. if she is making this up to sell a book, i hope she comes to realize how many people she is hurting by doing so. the only thing i know for sure, is that no one but she and god know the truth.

what is your take on this matter…?



Busy Bee Suz said...

This is in my tivo to watch..maybe this weekend. It seems s0 bizarre to me...but you never know.

kimber p said...

I can't imagine why someone would put themself in the harsh, unforgiving spotlight of the media by revealing something so horrendous, if it weren't true.

Even her own sister believes her-Michelle, not so much, but that happens a lot with the parent who was kept in the dark. There are easier ways to sell books than to accuse your father of taking advantage of you while you're passed out and then while remaining in that drugged, mind altered state, consent to be his partner. Drugs and alcohol will dull your otherwise good sense and we all know it obliterates lines of what's wrong and right. To the point where it really just doesn't matter anymore and all you're doing is escaping your reality.

I believe her and I think she's brave.

Clippy Mat said...

i certainly believe her. her whole life has been effed up by her father.
but very true I think.