"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


how 'bout them Oscars.....

i must say it was enjoyable and surprisingly enough, i really liked the Bollywood music from slumdog's movie.
what touched me most, however, was the panning of the camera to different celebrities in the audience as thank you speeches were given. the looks on people's faces were genuine, they matched whatever the winner was saying. i noticed tears, laughter, support, and honest joy even from rival nominees, when the other person won.
i liked that. i liked that the humility, compassion, and joy of those celebrities, surpassed the competitiveness of the ceremony.
i haven't seen that in a looooong time.

did anyone recognise me when i did the stand in for Penelope Cruz? yeah that was me. yours truly. i swear.
hey, i got the blisters from those damn shoes to prove it.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I really did enjoy the Oscars this year, and I am not big into musicals, but it held my attention. (that is hard to do)
Loved your dress....I went back in my tivo version of the show. You looked great and I can see why the shoes hurt so much...those babies were HOT!!! So pretty. Beauty can be painful. :)

jo.irish.rose said...

toone, yeah i recognized you right off the bat. yup...but then i wasn't even watching!! i just read your blog...lol!! ha ha lol ha ha, yeah, high heels on dem cute lil feet of yours? NEVAH!!! its like you wont ever wear anything other than cotton!! what a buck you are...i know you inside out, and upside down, sideways, kitty corner rounda-about-the-edges and underneath your toenails, every which way EVEN loose!! lol...so i got your number sistah...yah i do.

oh and thanks for me bloggy facelift, she is bee u tee ful! but my daisies are gone, :( but that is fine, i love it. i'll be blue for now. love you, your lil jojo

ChiTown Girl said...

I thought the same thing. I love how they made it so much more personal this year, having a seperate person to talk about each of the nominees in the 4 big categories. I adore Wolverine, so his numbers put a big ol' smile on my face all night. :) I couldn't help but giggle when they kept cutting to Angelina and Brad while Jen was up on stage with Jack Black, though. So Hollywood Drama!

J. Hi said...

I was working and didn't get to watch much. I am glad for Kate Winslet--love her and her dress. I haven't seen any of the movies though. I would like to see Slumdog and the Wrestler.

kimber p said...

I loved LOVED the Oscars this year (in case you didn't already catch my blog about it lol) You looked fabulous girlfriend and your English is getting better every day :) lol!!!

SkylersDad said...

I loved Ben Stiller in his beard and glasses!