"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



Born in Manchester, England.

I met Diane on the internet at a time of crossroads in my life. It was meant to be, and I do beleive God brought us together. Everyone says its stupid to meet people on the internet, but I wasn't looking for that, it was my first time in a chat room....a lesbian chat room, at that. Never done it before, will never do it again....don't have to, I've found my princess. We spoke daily on the net, then daily became several times a day, over the course of nearly a year. It was so intimate, so honest, so scary....I was vigilantly seeking any little clue of lying, falseness, game playing and such, but Diane was consistant in every thing she ever said. In time, I learned to trust her. Over time, I fell in love with her. She was the rest of me. I was at a point in my life where I finally was feeling like I had filled myself up inside....I was about to graduate from college with my BSN in nursing, I had dealt with alot of my personal issues in therapy, my kids were in a good place, and I was finally begining to get back on my feet from the divorce, the birth of my last child, and coming out to myself as someone who needs what only another woman can give me. I had ended a platonic relationship with Lois, and she wasn't letting go. Yes, I had fallen hard, deep, and forever more in love with a brit named Diane. (I guess that's better than a boy named sue). Diane finally moved here on may 28, 2000, and we've been together since. I love her past the point of dieing (as melissa etheridge sings) and she is my princess. We've been through alot in the past 6 years we've been together. She is a great parent to the kids, she has been my strength, my hope, and is my future. We've had a few rough times in 6 years, every couple does, but still, nomatter what, there's no one I want to spend the rest of my life with, but her. My Diane. I love her so much. Sometimes I forget to tell her. Sometimes I think I make her feel unappreciated, and I hate that. I only have a certain amount of energy, and it seems to be decreasing as I get older, so what I have has to be split between my 4 kids, my grandson, my career, and us. I'm so guilty of not putting enough energy into us lately, and I have to find a way to change that. Not cuz I'm worried we may fall apart, but because we deserve it. When I put myself through school for nursing, it took me 6 1/2 years to finish. I only went part time so I didn't have to leave the kids as much. She puts up with all my issues and baggage, and still loves me, even when I'm not loving myself. I don't deserve her, yet she's here. I don't know what I'd do without her. She makes all my strife less painful.

Getting back to my original point, oh it's SO easy for me to get off track, hmmmm, now what was I saying? I don't remember.......

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