"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


tiDbiTs a' tHe dAy

It's very early, peeps, or as Jo and I would say ---> "oily." We try to change as many words as we can and make them sound the way WE like them to, which is similar to a NYC accent with a French twist. Someday who knows, we might even write a dick-shun-airy of ROYISMS. (that's our maiden name). as if...

My pernt is (oops there's another one, see if you can find them all) I couldn't sleep so I tossed like a salad then finally decided to get up... cuz all's I was a doin' is rearranging dead skin cells on me sheets. I turned on the TV (hope da neighbors couldn't hear it moaning) and WTF do you think was on? You'll never ever never guess in a million years so I'm just gonna tell you. Have a seat, are ya ready? It'll knock your socks off so aim them feet away from childrens and small animals, k?


That Girl

starring MarloThomas !!!!! Which you're prolly saying, so? But you just don't know how much I admired her when I was around 9, 10, 11. She was so beautiful, her relationship with the Donald (and you thought Trump coined that phrase) was totally non sexual, which made my fantasies of one day living in NYC, being a writer and self sufficient and carefree, such fun.

I've had black hairs naturally (and now professionally) and bangs for most of my life and I just wanted to be her. Even if she would have been blonde, I'd still wanna be her.  Remember Mary Tyler Moore, and  how pointy her boobies were? She could injure someone with those things...

Mary Tyler Moore

(although I always admired her PETA ethics) but I didn't like her  apartment or voice yeah she just annoyed me... Got on my noirves if ya know what I mean, Vern. It twas  that girl   Marlo that I wanted to be.

Remember the Fonz ?

fonzi  Well now he sells Reverse Mortgages on TV for a living. I never woulda believed it back in the day. Mr. C (Cunningham) is rolling over in his grave every time he sees that infomercial, I'm sure of it. Wait, is he even dead yet? I dunno. But in it, the Fonz never once says "eyyyyyyy."  I kinda wish he would, just once to mess with the ratings.

And then you'll never ever never guess in a million years what other show came on so I'm just gonna tell you. Have a seat, are ya ready? It'll knock your socks off so aim them feet away from childrens and small animals, k ??

"My three sons"

My Three ...

starring Fred MacMurray." Our mudder used to have such a crush on him she wanted to marry him, yeah, as if... And I had such a crunch on him wishing he could be my daddio, ya know, since I dint have one, really. It was only TV land but it was another pure show. His oldest son got married on the show and his wife became pregnant eventually, but the show was so pure I bet they never even had sex and in my world it meant another safe place to get lost in fantasy, ya know, escape from my wonderful life.

And me last tidbit o' da day is this;

Do you know the summer Olympic trials are going on right now in good ole Omaha of Nebrasky ? Yep, they sure fa-reekin' are and Michael Phelps 

is here... (wow whatta bod on dat boy) right here not too fur away from me right now as we speak !!! Not too shabby for a Monday, I'd say. I need to go now cuz imma gonna bring the poor bastard that second subway sammie his own mAmA forgot... I'm a mama too so it should count, right.... Wonder if he likes it heavy on the carbs, ya know, to help him win the races... Any one else have fave childhood TV shows?


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Busy Bee Suz said...

First of all I love your language you always crack me up with your Willy silly Nilly words.
I do hope that Mary Tyler Moore does not read your blog because she will be heartbroken about what you said about her. She's nice even if she doesn't have bangs. I hope you are feeling better everyday. If you have the energy you need to change your bed sheets get rid of all the skin cells; eeeeeweeeww. Xoxo

C said...

i'll change it up, suz, just for you... i dint mean to be offensive, i just talk like dat.... i'm blaming it on the surgery

joe said...

Marlo's boyfriend, Ted Bessell (Don Hollanger) was so damn hot.

jo.irish.rose said...

toone!!! where was i when you were texting me? hello??? this wass my convo!!! not faair!!! i wanted to be her tooo.

Clippy Mat said...

Well growing up in England I didn't get to see That Girl or My three Sons. I had a massive crush on Trampas (think that was his name) from The Virginian and also Little Joe from Bonanza.
I loved MTM and my favourite was Rhoda. I wanted to be her and have her apartment.
Remeber Carlton the doorman?
Loved him.
We used to watch Lost in Space when I was a kid and I had an American penfriend who loved Paul Revere and the Raiders! I'd never even heard of them.
My all time favourite teen show was The Monkees. ah God, I loved Davy Jones even tho' he was a lot shorter than me.

ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, you practically described every Sunday morning around here!!

I posted before about this awesome channel that we have called MeTV. That's all they play is old stuff, including the commercials. It's awesome! I know they have something similar on cable, but I don't have cable so I've never seen it.

Hey, how the hell are you feeling these days? Fill me in, will ya? You know I'm unemployed now, so I have lots of time on my hands. Well, in between hospital visits, doctor appointments, and all the other stuff my parents and in-laws require! Oy!