"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."


It's been a helluva week here in my little corner of the world.  I have been working me assets off and finally have some time off, 4 days, countem' FOUR!  That doesn't happen often, I must say. My last day at work before my long weekend, was eventful.  There is a skywalk to get from the parking lot at work into the building I work in, and betwixed where the two meet, is one of those metal bars across the floor to make it look like it flows from the skywalk over to the building... You get my drift, right?  So I am walking along, thinking only about me last night to work and SO looking forward to being off when out of the freaking blue,  I tripped at the metal bar... And I wish I could write this in slow mo.. cuz that's how I experienced it.. But I began to tumble forwards, desperately attempting to reclaim my imbalance because I really hate to fall and I always get hurt.  Some workers happened to be leaving, at the same time I was arriving.  Out of fucking nowhere as I saw the floor getting closer to my face, this teeny tiny lil woman, like size zero small, jumps directly in front of me and catches me enough that I don't fall... She saved my life but hey, lemme tell ya it's not a pretty sight to watch someone like me, with rolls and stomachs and big bosoms, nearly trip..  Everything gets imbalanced and one side goes this a way whilst the other goes that a way and before ya know it, I coulda been flat on the carpet... (brings a new slant on carpet munching, don't it)..

This size zero little blonde with a big heart, could have met her destiny if I would of landed on her. All you would have been able to see is a lil tuff of blonde hairs sticking out from under me rib cage.  It was a freeking miracle, what she did.  So after I got re-balanced, and started walking to get to work, I heard this gentleman run up behind me yelling "ma'am, hey ma'am... is this your shoe?" I turned around and saw that yes indeed, he had one of my shoes. I henceforth then look down to see my bare naked foot along side the foot with a shoe on it, I have neuropathy in my feet and sometimes cant feel them, and there I was walking to get to work and couldn't feel one foot was barefoot! What a maroon I am. I was so embarrassed, and the stress from the whole ordeal, now with my shoe being the last straw, I sharted just a lil... right when he handed me the shoe. I wanted to die. I was freeking the freak out, hoping nothing would run down me leg.  Sorry for the details but I have IBS and that happens sometimes. Oh come on, we've all done it at some point... Needless to say, all of this palaver took place in < 10 mins time... And I still had to go to the rest room to clean up. I made it onto my unit with 4 minutes to spare, and I thank God I didn't have to explain to my boss why I was late, "oh pardon me, I nearly fell, lost a shoe and shit myself"...

ok, enough of that shit. bwahahaha...

I've been having alone time in my apt. cleaning, sorting, taking my time... Today around lunch time, my 2 oldest came over to visit, then we had a late lunch at in-gre-di-ent restaurant. After that I had to run to wally world, and whilst there I was looking in the garden center, because I can, when my heart sank to see all the 'mator plants and other veggies for sale... I miss my garden that Diane took such good care of and I'm very angry that I wont have the fresh veggies this year. I have no yard and even if I did my body is in no condition to garden. I do have large seated window sills at all the windows so I was thinking about getting some herbs to place there. But then again, I just don't cook like I used to so I don't know if it would be a waste or not. For all the years Diane and I were together, we always had a garden, and herbs. It was SO refreshing and wonderful to go pick some veggies and fresh basal, and add some fresh mozzarella.. and have a salad with good crusty French bread from whole foods for our dinner. Poolside of course. Diane and I spent many a cozy day on our floaties, just floating, and singing, and making plans, and just being together enjoying the day.


(those are the veggies along the fence, they extended down the side of the garage, too) (who's that bathing brown beauty on the floatie?)

I miss the sun on my skin, & the pool, it always seemed to energize me. Gone. Gone. All gone.  Just a few more things to mourn the loss of... And I fucking am.

After shopping, I picked up my youngest son from UNO to come spend the night. We made hoe made pizza and watched some movies. It was a very pleasant night. Tomorrow is my last day off from these here 4 in a row.. They went by too fast. But alas, life keeps going, no matter how things are in our own little worlds, life keeps going~ the sun keeps shining, and grapes still turn into raisins. Whatya gonna do, eh?



ChiTown Girl said...

Holy crap!! You just scared me to death! I thought for sure you were going to say you fell. My heart was pounding while I was reading this. Thank God that woman was there to help you.

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your kids while you were off, and that you were able to enjoy an extended weekend.


jo.irish.rose said...

Hahahahahahaha, I was rolling, me and Alex, while we relived the event ONCE AGAIN!!! We almost pooped we laughed soooo freaking hard!!!! It's about time that you blagged about it!!! Now you may move on to your next new subject, grasshopper!!! Lol. Love you and miss you!!! xxxxx

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are the nuttiest person I know. And I know a few people. Glad you didn't crash *crash*....sorry you miss the sun and the pool. Do you have a public pool for the summer you can visit? I know, they appreciate it when you wear a suit though...techincalities.

kristi said...

OMG I hate falling too. Hope you are okay....I need to start a garden.