"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


I've been talking so much about my new homo, that as a house warming gift I will post some pictures of it... Erm, it's not a house, though.. Just a small brand new castle apartment in an old building that was totally renovated, and I am the first to occupy it. I guess you could say it was a virgin, and I'm the first. Must I really have to label these? I think nOt. Oh, in case you can't really tell, hard wood floors throughout!

yesserree, bOb.

And they are da originals from this 1930's building. (pictures click larger if'n yee wanna snoop)

camera shots 2012 388

camera shots 2012 370

camera shots 2012 384

camera shots 2012 359

camera shots 2012 362

camera shots 2012 378

camera shots 2012 369

Thar ya go, maties... Everything is unpacked, I may re-arrange in the future, but for now this is what embraces me on a daily basis... In my lil corner of the world... Where I keep all my stuff. It's full of light, and bright, and I can lay in bed and look out the window at night..

Which is particularly delicious when it's snowing/raining. It feels peaceful and I look forward to watching thunderstorms as tornado season approaches.

Jo, how do you like the shelves they installed this past week? Looks a lot better, dunnit? Once I start seeing plants in the stores, I will purchase several and place them strategically throughout my homo. I have always loved plants, they add such a IdontKnowWhatTheFuckToCallit  ambiance and they give me someone to talk to... they each have their own life stories to tell, and some are just hilarious!

WHAT? You don't talk to your plants? Oh come on now, don't be a horticulturally uncaring whore.. Plants are people just like us.

I did end up staying in last night and Alex came over, we watched "Puss n Boots". Whatta cute movie it twas.. Then after he left I watched "Black Swan" because I had heard so much hype about it.. 1) It was discopointing after all the palaver I'd heard about it. B) The sex parts were erotic and I appreciate that in a movie.. And 3) I didn't understand the plot at all, I mean all I got out of it was that her mother was a controlling bitch vicariously living through her daughter to the point of developing delusions of insanity and finally kills herself. What? That was... that was it?  No freaking way!! Get the fuck outta here..

But then I question why that other chickie gave her some acid in the club and "dined out" back in her boudoir whilst her controlling bitch mama was in da house... I mean who would really do that with yo mama in da house? Ewww..

NO freaking way! Get the fuck outta here!   AND did they really have sex?

I dunno.

It don't matter.

Didn't really like the movie AND I hate it when the main character with a nice body is always sweaty.

Gags me.

I wont be watching the likes of that birdcrap, again. "Puss" was way better.. (but then, it always is, innut? hee hee)

Well I am going to put a potta chickie stewing on da stove for chicken & dumplings for dinner. For me, that's comfort food. Anyone wanna come by?

Have a sunny but not runny great Sundee.



Maria said...

ARE YOU CRAZY? Black Swan is one of the few movies that Bing and I saw together and both loved. Natalie Portman was beyond brilliant!

What a lovely little home. And neat as a pin. I am looking around our office and seeing dust all over plus some leftover motes flying through the sun splashing through the window. When Bing travels during the summer...our home is neat. And dusted. And shining. But then she comes home and like Pigpen, turns it into a very sloppy place.

ChiTown Girl said...

I LERVE your happy little homo!! It's so damn tidy, though, it's giving me a complex. I can already see myself asleep on your chaise :) Can't wait to come visit!!

C said...

lol cheech, you're welcomed any time, you know that!!!

Maria, natalie WAS brilliant, and won an award too, didnt she? i just thought the whole thing was cornfusing, kinda slow.. but again, i do enjoy watching movies.. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love love love your homo place. I mean homey place.
It has so much of that idon'tknowwhatyoucallitfuckin'ambience? It's great!!!
When I come to visit, I call that end of the couch with the chaise lounge part. I love a good lounge.
I did not get that movie black swan for the life of me. So freakin' weird. I had to ask my girls what it meant, and they tried their best to explain, but I still don't get it.
I think I might be too weird for movies like that. Or too normal...I just don't know.
Love your place chickie!
Do you know that when I come home, I shout to anyone who can hear me: I'm HOMO!!
Yeah, they don't even laugh anymore. lame people.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you decorated your place. It's so open, full of light and really well done. It will be a happy home.

Clippy Mat said...

ohmygodsuzswore! i'm gobsmacked!:DD
i love, love your apartment. when cheech and suz come to visit, i'm coming too!! don't know where you will put us all and we'll be sure to mess that neat little homo up a bit.
it's really, really lovely. well done for making yourself a happy home to call yo' own.

Anonymous said...

Nice diggs miss C!

sophie...^5 said...

Your place is super cool...actually way more fancier than ours...furniture to die for you have. Things seem to be settling a bit for you....happy pappy for you!

Anonymous said...

Of course you'll have to invite me over for dinner sometime. I prefer Italian, btw.

kristi said...

Beautiful home or homo...lol!