"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


it's me birthday...


Birthday cakeand boy would I like a piece of this~ I am drooling at the thought and my blood sugar just went up 50 points.

Birthday cakeyou may wonder what I have been up to, because it's been so long since I've posted.

Birthday cakewell first off, I have been busy getting older. I'm speeding in age years, going from 55 to 56.. oh officer! please don't give me a ticket...

Birthday cakewe had a garage sale fri/sat. to downsize some of our junk that we don't want to take with us whenst we move. we'll donate what we didn't sell. and of course, I have been working.

Birthday cakeso how 'bout yo'selves... whatchew been up to? and yOu? how 'bout you ovah there? and you darlink, wit da fluffy hat.. oh, and I mustn't forget Celine Dion, comment ca va, maudit?

Birthday cakenow I want you ALL to enjoy yo'selves on MY birthday, ya hear? this is the day I was born. the moment the world became a better place.. the one and only time I slapped a doctor back. let's all celebrate!!! I'm sending you each $1000.00 to spend in my honor. erm, that is as long as it's stuff I would like, too.



Technodoll said...

bonne fête à toi, ma belle amie!!!

i've fallen off the blog world but had to come give you a birthday kiss and catch up on your life a bit, oh mea culpa!!

i hope someone makes you that cake, fuck blood sugar it's only once a year right??? :-D


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you're here, brightening our day! :)

jo.irish.rose said...

Oooooh tooooooone, I baked you a HUGE cake and left it on your door step, did you get it? Oh well, the squirrels must of had a feast with the whole neighborhood! Cuz it had nuts and cream, and all your favorites in it. Too bad, I worked so hard on it and drove all that way just to drop it off too. Darn.

I know you had to work but I hope you will have some sort of celebratory way to mark the 100th year of your birth. Bwahahahaha!!!!! Ok, 85th, I lied.....

I miss you guys. I wish we lived closer so we could do parties and dinners and cook and craft and just hang out together. Life is too short. Since your moving, you should just pack and move here. It's just a bit further than where your looking now. You can find another job or transfer to a place here. Just ask, k? We need people like you here, whatever your job is. Lol. Got 3 hospitals in a twenty mile radius. Not to mention all the dr. offices. So ask about a transfer. You gotta move anyway. Might as well be here. Pack once, move once. K????? Call moi? I love you bunchies!!!! Have a wonderful and happy bird day!!! With lots of prezzies!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooo

Busy Bee Suz said...

I just can't decide what YOU want me to buy you for your day. A rainbow cake? A rainbow unicorn?? I have three of them here already.
I hope your day was beautiful!!!!!!

La Roo said...

Happy Birthday and boy that cake does look yummy!
Big hugs and kisses C.

sophie...^5 said...

Hello Happy Birthday Gurl...I's awaiting for me check in zee male(opps) mail..lol...lol..mmm Anyhoo..your joy is palpable...like that word..it just sounds good...paplebull..lol! Just a little whacky today!

Maria said...

Happy birthday!

For your gift...I give you a Husker win over Penn State! YEAH!

Jim said...

You talkin to me!? What have I been up to?
Well, I can FINALLY read your blog....couldn't 'connect' before for some Celine Dion reason!
Anyway, Chris....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Did ya get a ticket on the 7th? Pity that poor cop who would try, I tell ya. lol
You sound good. Yeah!!!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

YO! Biznitch! Where the hell have you been!?!

I hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving, whether it's just you and Diane, or you have some/all of your children around the table. Know that I'll be there with ya in spirit! xoxoxo