"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



where do I begin… I wanted to update you on a few things going on here.

first, my son Christopher who was all set to be a foreign exchange student in Quebec City this fall, won’t be going. apparently the immigration office denied his entry to the university claiming that he does not have enough money to support himself once he’s there. but actually, he would have, as he was going to be doing work/study along with his financial aid.

it must not be meant to be at this time. his heart is broken as he has wanted to do this for so long, and all the other aspects fell into place.

secondly, I STILL don’t have a job. the workman’s comp agent in charge of my case told me yesterday that I have until Dec. 2nd to get a job and after that, no more help from them. she had been telling me all along that her services would continue until I was employed, and now to be told this- just scares the crap outta me. I really DON’T wanna live in a cardboard box on a corner downtown- [no air conditioning…]

I AM applying for jobs, I AM doing everything she is telling me to do, so I don’t understand. and I’m pretty sure I have an ulcer or 40.

thirdly, things have not changed between my daughter, sister Denise, and I. Jo tried texting Denise several times before she left for Texas but to no avail. I haven't heard a discouraging word from either one.

it’s difficult for me to accept on a daily basis, specially when I did nothing to promote their actions. I have never been one to hold grudges or refuse to talk things out. I miss my grandson SO much, my eyes fill with tears every time I think of him, or see a boy his age, in public.

I also seem to have lost contact with the few good friends I used to work with, due to my lack of energy to keep in touch. I seem to have put up a wall and I don’t really understand why I have. so pretty much almost everything in my life that means something to me, is in upheaval & unsettled.

in the good news category, our tomatoes are turning pink and there is a huge amount of them… can’t wait to eat them up. our herbs are doing well, too. we are really enjoying the pool, and I have been exercising in the water every chance I get. I love how light I feel when in the water. I practically am weightless.. I have even been able to do squat-thrusts in the pool!! I haven't been able to do a squat thrust since I was Marylou Reton’s double, back in the day.

Diane has been training for the corporate bike ride coming up in august. even though I no longer work for that company, our friend Rob still does & trains with her. this will be the 4th year they ride. I did it for the first 2 years but I haven't since, due to my injuries. he and his wife are coming over for dinner Saturday night.

what to make, what to make… hmmmm.





Anonymous said...

Poor Christopher! I'm really sorry for him - it's heart-breaking to have your dreams crushed like that.

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, Christopher!! I'm so sorry for him. His heart must be broken in a million pieces right now.

If it'll make him feel better, he could come stay here with me. It's not quite Canada, but I have relatives who live in Canada. Is that close enough? Plus, I've already got one exchange student coming. Might as well turn this place into a youth hostile. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so sad for Christopher. HE deserves all the best.....hopefully since this door closed, perhaps a bigger and better window will open? So, is he going to stay local and go to college?

Sorry about the sister/daughter thing...I know this must weigh so heavily on your heart.
I can't believe that no one would hire you....you'd make a wonderful body double in hollywood. Right? You did it with MLR, why not Vin Diesel?? Arnold?
I hope that made you smile...and digest a few of those ulcers too.

sophie...^5 said...

dang it...dem stooopid canadians not letting yer son into my country...jees I worked at a university and hired "foreign students" all the time...they are more fun you see!