"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Okely Dokely, time for a ketchup catch up post. it has been a busy weekend here. Diane's birthday was Saturday, and then we had a family college grad party to attend 2 hours away from here. it was SO much fun. I will let the pictures show you.

3 of my four kids came with us, and goofed off in the back seat all the way there, just like when they were little. ‘cept this time, being they were adults, I didn’t have to shank them, I just threatened to drop them off on a country road in bum-phuk Nebraska..





the grad, Nicholas’s bio sissy pooh.

the place; Platte river in Columbus, NE.


the grad’s cake of the big apple, which is where she wants to move to..

the grad with her 2 bio bro’s..

birthday girl [in purple] playing soccer, pre-injury..

birthday girl post-injury saying “this (bEEr) will be my pain medication for tonight” as she gimped around the rest of the night.. [pulled her hamstring playing soccer]..


the grad party..

at some point as we were all sitting around in the dark, full of foods and drinks.. I said "it’s dark out here, and SO secluded, just like in those Friday the 13th movies… I wonder who’s gonna come up out of the water and start killin’ us off…" then this comes out of no where & made everyone scream!  (the walking frizzbee,  that appeared out of know where..)

Emily & Ruya


moi & Emily

IMG_0060 - Copy

funny grad moments.. the guy on the right in the blue shirt said his heart melted when he heard Diane's British accent and he followed her like a puppy the rest of the night.. he was trying to pick her up, she just smiled.


(notice Madonna in the background, she wore her cone bQQbs)

and finally, my pooped out young’uns.. Christopher was laughing in his sleep, then we had to stop road side so he and Diane could pee, Emily wakes up just enough to ask why the car is leaking [meaning them peeing].. and then Nicholas [yellow shirt] opened the door and puked his guts out.. thus kneeling on the floor with his head on the seat all the way home.. yes, there is a dog on Emily. we don’t know where he came from or how he got in our car. [kiddin’, it’s Nicholas's goggie, Leo].


all in all it was a fAbulOuS weekend spent with people we love. which is always better than spending the weekend with those you greatly dislike. know what I mean, Vern? huh? huh?

remember, toone?




mothers day..


Christopher made us a DelishOUS dinner and cleaned the kitchen~

Nicholas gave us a cute night lamp and insulated wine goblet..

Emily  will be taking us to lunch-

Alex had to work and will take us out to dinner.

I hope all of your mama’s days were filled with love and good foods…



Busy Bee Suz said...

This made me laugh, smile and perhaps pee a bit.
The Frisbee kid made me laugh...you are so silly. Did anyone remind the birthday girl to stretch before playing kid games??? And the guy in the blue shirt chasing Diane around? Hello, you are barking up the wrong tree buddy.
All the photos are great...especially loved seeing all three of your kiddos passed out in the backseat!!!!!
Glad you had a nice mama's day.

greg said...

Yeah, your kids in the backseat was the best part & had me laughing hard. That party was out of control! I'm so glad you all had a good time.

Jude said...

Wow....what a party and I love the big apple cake! Tequila makes people do funny things....lol....cone boobs..too funny!