"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


and so the conversation went like this…

my lil sister Jo and I are very close. some of you already know this. we talk to each udder nearly every single day, either on the phone or texting. our convo’s would prolly not make sense to anyone, unless you knew us personaly, so I will give you an example.. we ARE 2 wiLd & CraZy chicks, I must say… but it’s fun and if ya can’t have fun with yo sistah then who can you have fun with?

[fQQtnotes at the top… toone = my pet name, choux = Jo’s daughter Jennifer's pet name],

Jo: I’m comin out dere just as soon as I get back from choux’s, just bot me a new car, toone..

Me: wha kind? how sexciting! dit moi, maudit..

Jo: it’s a 2012 hyundiwears Accent..

Me: I’ll look her up online

Jo: is Denise dere?

Me: yea, n buck wants to know why you didn’t get a VW?

Jo: I still want one but I decided I could get mo car for me money, honey bunny.. slut.

Me: I went to bathroom so no reply…

Jo: well? I’m waitin, tappin me foot and finger impatiently… I thought we was dicussin impertent bidness… like me new car n me impending arrival.. cuz all the rest is jus useless jabber.. I’ll let ya go and visit wit da ole wrinkled one..

Me: I was in da batroom!! k, I’ll call ya whenst she leebs..

well, my sister left about 15 minutes after I texted that. I ended up crashing and going to bed. so diane takes over..

Jo: toone? you still up, pup?

Di: nope Jo she crashed. so how’s da new ride?

Jo: oh I lerve it… it rides so nice, but I gotta get used to riding low… I'm used to riding up high, now I'm down low.. how low can ya go… n how much can ya blow…

Di: lol u gonna let me have a lil go when u git here?

Jo: o sure, a big go if’n ya want… lol of course silly, you can, it’s da ole lady I wont let drive bwahaha

Di: twat r u doing up, is Jim's fartin keepin u awake lmao?

Jo: nay, he is out like a ship lost at sea… waaaay out.. no gas tonight. he’s a good boy tonight.

Di: can’t ya sleep?

Jo: I can’ts sleep, I’m getting a lil noivous about flying Sunday, I gots da diarhea’s already. quik I need a Xanax.. Xanax take me away!

Di: when u get yo car?

Jo: I toded u already, sat. morning, where u bin laden?

Di: brb

Jo: wha?

Di: k, I'm homo now…

yep, this is how all of our sisterly convo’s go.

hope you enjoyed pervin into me bidness… really, you had no choice…



ChiTown Girl said...

I totally understood every word of that. :)

I already informed Jo that her first road trip is going to Omaha to pick up your nasty ass, then straight here to Chicago. Start packin'!

Busy Bee Suz said...

All three of you are at TRIP!!!
I hope she does not have the runs on the plane today....OY.

Technodoll said...

The crazy thing is, I understood it all :-D

Maria said...

Sounds much like mine with the sister. Sans the fart jokes. We have an unsaid agreement that prote jokes are out.

jo.irish.rose said...

i cannot believe that you wrote all that down!! you silly booger. i better be careful what i write. you may write it all out on here!!! omg...my whole conversation for all the world!

well, i am still waiting on delilah to arrive. we go to the dr. in the morning for a check up. so we will see. more up dates to come. and if i remember to take pictures, i will post those too!! xoxoxoxo

Jim said...

Hi Chris! Wanna play Tag with me....if so check my post.

sophie...^5 said...

You txtn bwitches are way cool or is that kewl!