"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



Diane and I watched a very interesting documentary tonight called “The Face Of Jesus?”

the following content is strictly my own thoughts and not meant to offend anyone.

if you can’t tell already by my many posts about different topics that I like to write about, you must realize how much I LOVE to philosophize and ponder the unusual..

tonight on the history channel, the show was about the Shroud of Turin which is supposedly the imprinted image of Jesus on linen, right after he was crucified. [it is believed that the Jews wrapped Jesus up in a linen sheet as per the Jewish tradition after one died, and then placed him in a tomb].

the Shroud has been scientifically tested with every possible modern technology, and although there isn't 100% scientific proof that it is genuine, every result of testing has not disproved it, either. in fact, everything leads to the belief that it is.

like a puzzle, pieces began to intertwine and fit together all pointing to the same conclusions to the scientist’s theories about the imprint of Jesus's body and face on the Shroud, which is thought to have possibly occurred when his soul left his body, as there would have been a quick surge of energy emitted that imprinted on the cloth.

what I began to think about is this; we as people have referred to God as the only God, and we are taught that as people, we were created in his image. I was trying to decide if I thought God was an alien.

I just can’t picture a white man in a white robe with a beard and sandals… it doesn’t make sense to me. the word “alien” only means “not of this world”. so although it has come to be interpreted that an “alien” in our society usually means like a space creature from outer space, I don’t believe that anymore.

if God is out there, in heaven, whatever and wherever that is, it most likely means he is not in this world therefore the meaning of “alien” fits his status. maybe fear of disrespecting God is what troubles us as if referring to him as an alien would be taking him out of the context we have been taught to believe he is.

I mean no disrespect to God. I LOVE him.. I just find it so interesting to try to combine and “marry” my spiritual beliefs and the reality of science that I also believe in. there is so much evidence today about what was created and when, down to minute details such as chemical composites and material identification, just to name a few.

in this program the scientists were able to reproduce what Jesus may have looked like, according to evidence engrained in the Shroud of Turin. minute details were matched up that could not have possibly been forged from the Shroud, and compared to computer analysis.

every little blood spot, and fiber was lined up perfectly and identical. even the wounds on Jesus's hands, chest, head, and feet matched up to pools of blood imprinted in the Shroud.

everything was as everything should have been if it were genuine. in fact, the scientists performing many of the tests that represented the Shroud to be real, had tears in their eyes in awe of the truth to the best of their ability, coming to light.

ever since I first heard about the pyramids, and the other wonders of the world, it has never sat true with me that these things were made by technologically inept people that somehow placed huge 1000 ton boulders on top of each other to make the pyramids and create all the tunnels and secret passages that if even as little as one inch off, would collapse the whole structure…

they HAD to have been given assistance in some way. the same for other huge structures made with boulders cut specifically to fit perfectly together, such as at Easter Island, Stonehenge, & Machu Pichu, to name a few.

I have researched these structures and tried to find an understanding of how it could have been possible for mere Egyptians or Mayans etc, to have achieved these things with their bare hands, and the primitive means they had in their day.

I can’t find any answers. no one can figure it out and explain how it was done. my thought is this; what if God IS a being from another galaxy that came to this planet and created us with a combination of his DNA and that of whatever was mankind back then, would it have given man any sort of special powers to do such tasks?

why did those people engrave so many markings in stones and caves around the world, all depicting a “god” coming down from heaven with some sort of craft they traveled in performing unimaginable things?

and why do the engravings mimic each other, even though they are continents apart, but all depict the same look of these gods [or beings] and flying crafts and have the same proportions?

there are even remnants of pottery, buildings, stoneware, tools, statues & figurines made of solid gold, of flying crafts that look like half airplane/half spacecraft, when in reality those inventions were centuries away in the future and of which they couldn’t even have imagined back then. how does that happen? there is no logical explanation available.

it certainly couldn’t be that the beings were giants who could move these stones as if they were children’s blocks… because we have evidence of their remains to prove the size their bodies were. so did our ancestors have assistance from beings from another time who were far more advanced technologically than we even are today?

did they come here to help us, use us, or promote our species? as I write this out, it makes so much sense to me, it puts what I have learned in my lifetime about the scriptures and the bible and the history and the science of such things, into perspective.

I find it thrilling and intriguing to ponder these things and to try to imagine where we really came from and wonder where will we go when we leave here. I think our world has so many clues and evidence of things such as this, but fear antagonizes humankind to keep such things hidden and buried, because I also believe we may fear it will distance us from our spiritual beliefs if we even just acknowledge that it could be true.

thinking about this stuff does not decrease my faith in any way, if anything, it strengthens it for me because if I can understand something and then it feels right in my gut, I will cling to it tightly and integrate my faith into my life even more so.

if Jesus is the son of God, which I do personally believe, and he was the product of a virgin birth, it could very well explain how he came to be and how he performed all of his miracles, because maybe he was composed of 2 kinds of DNA from 2 kinds of beings.

will we ever know for sure? are we as humankind just beginning to discover the truth of our past? or will the truth only be found at the moment of our death. of course all of this is just my speculative thoughts and is not meant to question anyone’s faith, or imply anything but my own attempt to understand things of this nature.

I have also come to believe the bible does hold many truths, yet can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on what one is looking to prove or wishing to believe. at the same time, I think man along the way has interjected their rules based on the way of life and society back when it was being written.

why would man interject his own beliefs among God’s holy words? my thoughts are that back in those times, women were perceived to be of equal value/worth as the animals or maybe even lesser, in the status of the society at that time. I also think there were control issues to keep the men of the tribes in power over everything else, much like it remains in many cultures today. we find it to be barbaric, yet it is allowed, encouraged, and fought over in wars. in my opinion, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

things that make you go HMMMMMMM..



ChiTown Girl said...

This is all WAY too deep for me to properly process at 7am, so I'll be back for that later.

In the meantime, thanks for your positive vibes for Stud. He went to school today, so I hope there are no problems.

And, yes, I probably WOULD be picturing BH naked the whole time! I'm just thrown for a loop by this last email.

Jim said...

Chris, I can tell your mind is always on the go! Good thing. Keep thinking about all these things and you will probably come to a conclusion, if that's possible, that will 'sit right' for you.
These are questions that have 'driven' humans since they evolved enough to be able to put two thoughts together.
Amazing how there are so many explanations out there to answer the biggies! How we got here and why? Oh yeah, and where are we going?
I admire your curiosity and braveness or willingness to tackle these questions. Most people leave it alone and go on 'blind' faith.....at least in my opinion they do.
Good post kiddo and when you find the 'answer' plase let ME know.

Technodoll said...

Yep, hmmmmm for sure!

I'm with you on this issue 100%.

We are not the only ones in this vast universe, no way jose ;-)

sophie...^5 said...

ditto...with Jim! wink wink

Maria said...

I tend to be a skeptic and approach everything from a scientific angle which may be why I think I saw the same show that you did and came away with much different thoughts.

I think there is usually a logical reason for everything but once in a while, you just have to trust in the illogical to be a truth.

As far as aliens from other planets? I tend to agree with Stephen Hawking who said: "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."