"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



School busso the latest buzz is that Detroit, Michigan is going to close half of its schools, which includes cutting

transportation and extracurricular activities, and there will not be any principals on site, rather someone will be watching from somewhere.. due to educational debt. [source] 

School busmaybe I am wrong to assume the schools and districts that will be shut down are those in the poorest, or low income/minority neighborhoods. but sadly that is usually the case.

School buswhat will happen to those kids? I’m sure many will give up, turn to the streets, and take the wrong path simply because they will lose hope that they can achieve anything.

let’s break this down.

1.) half of the schools will close. ok, so where will those students go? I did not hear mention of building new schools.. are they expected to just “squeeze in” with the remaining schools? how will that work when those classes are already bulging at their seams? where will the books and supplies and teachers come from to pick up the extra load? and how will those kids adapt coming from a poor background trying to fit in with kids from a higher status? hopefully they wont be picked on, but I fear they will.

2.) loss of half of the transportation. I can only imagine how many kids this will affect as it is surely the only method to get to school for a lot of them. they live in a big city! what if they can’t just walk to school or afford cabs & buses?


they just wont go. and that’s even IF there were room in the already too crowded classrooms of the schools that will remain open.

3.) loss of extracurricular activities. does anyone in charge realize how imperative these programs are? many kids depend on these programs to motivate themselves to make it through school, to keep their grades up, and for something to do that gives them self esteem they desperately need. for those who come from broken or unfit homes, [and let’s face it, many poor kids do] these programs may be the only positive thing in their lives. it may be their only break from a home life that is difficult.

4.) no principals on site. in my opinion this is just asking for trouble, who will be in charge? who will actually be on site to prevent unnecessary disturbances, fights, crimes, or worse case scenario, a shooting? who will parents call in an emergency and who will the kids turn to if they need immediate help?

School busGAH! this is just not right! I really feel for everyone this will affect, and it could happen anywhere. our government spends billions of dollars researching things that don’t really matter, wasting money that could be used to save our children.

School busif we put education last, what does that say about our society? it sure puts into perspective what we value the most. in my opinion, death of education = death of a healthy growing society.

School busI KNOW for a fact that our government researches many useless things, wasting enough money to help all of the disadvantaged people in America.

School buslet’s cut programs we don’t need like the research about how squirrels’ nuts freeze in the snow and does it affect their reproduction ratio.. or how many turns of a doorknob it takes to open a door in the white house as opposed to one in a library.. 

School busthere is a ton of research whose use is questionable. a real example is “The Royal Society of Chemistry” on how to make a perfect cup of tea.

School busOr how about Loughborough University’s research into a question that's often kept people awake at night, “why does a cookie crumble? (If you must know, it's because humidity disrupts the biscuit's internal forces which cause it to self destruct.”)


School busit would be a great idea to be more discerning about where we “allocate research funds.”

School bushow about nowhere… how about giving the money to school districts such as these and investing our dollars wisely in our children, who are going to be our future?



jo.irish.rose said...

i thot you was making those things up!!! butt i guess you wasnt....oops, i should of finished skool...im not as edumukated as you is me sissy, so glad you is kollage gradaiet. this is a good post. that ot to fix ther wagon. hope the biguns in washington read yur blog.

did you get enough sleep? lol call me, i ferget what you look like....lmao!! love you!

sophie...^5 said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your views...man/woman what the hells going on down there!

ChiTown Girl said...


(well, actually I have LOTS of words, but I'll keep my ranting to my own blog!)

Hope you're feeling better and better every day, Cookie!!

Technodoll said...

This is beyond disturbing.

How on earth can this be allowed to happen? Don't the citizens have a vote in the matter?