"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



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well peeps, today is my cut off day from the company I worked for. I guess I am NOT going back there despite everything that has happened. the peers I loved working with, the seniority, and pay scale I accumulated there is ZIPPIDDY-DO-DA gone.


am I upset? oh yeah. I have lost more than I can say from this injury. am I going to cry myself into a tither? heck no.. did enough of that already.


there isn’t anything I can do to change things. and I am still living on the premise that there is something I am being led to. enough said, just wanted to update you.


I have to go get blood this morning, my hemoglobin is 7.2. I ache and itch over my entire body, and sleep most of the time. I hope to feel better once I get the blood.


Diane and I were supposed to go to my son’s concert last night but I felt too weak and she didn’t want to leave me alone.


things are moving along.. SLOWLY I must say, but still moving.. hey, does anyone know if there is an ex-lax for Voc. Rehab. and things of such nature..? I’ll take 4 boxes, please.






it’s been SO windy the chickens are laying the same egg, twice.

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greg said...

I really hope you get some relief today, that extra blood will help you for sure. Being that weak and tired only gets you more depressed. xoxo

ChiTown Girl said...

"Life's a BITCH. 'Cause if it was a slut, it'd be EASY."

BEST line EVAH!!!!!

I see you found my punk'd out picture ;-)

I hope the blood makes a difference today. I hate that you had to miss Christopher's concert. That blows! Almost as much as your cut-off day today. Poop!!!

jo.irish.rose said...

i dont get the seven dwarfs picture, there are only SEVEN but yet NINE condoms....someones going twice....that just doesnt seem fair to me....unless the two extra are for decorations and to blow up?? that would be festive, oui?

and since we are talking sex....how was the blood? you are o-? or o+? not that it matters....just checking...in case i need some...i wont ask you. your a quart low.

and next time that chicken lays the same egg twice, due to wind....i would just put it right back up in there and tell her to keep it till it was time to come out.....or else. she should know better. the ole hen!

Oh!! and when that lady comes for your rehab? tell her i ordered you 4 boxes of ex~lax, cuz SHE IS LATE AS CRAP WITH YOUR PAPERWORK AND WTF? the ex~lax may help her for next time, but for now, well, she may just have to grunt and whine till it comes out!!!

i tried to slip money in this here comment box....butt well, it wouldnt let me. oooops, i tried toone. sorry. it was a $20 dollar bill too. a fresh one. crisp...just outta the ATM. i hate when the computer doesn't accept cash, don't you? dang it. i love you..... :o)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Laughing at your silly sister up there.
I PRAY you get some relief and some energy too....poor lil' C.
Maybe they will give you some super human blood....or super hero blood? That would be better.
Keep your chin up; if you can. Know there are lots of people praying for you to get better. (and boxers too)

Maria said...

So..what is the deal with your hemo? Are you feeling better?