"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



Island with a palm treeI have met with the case worker for Voc. Rehab. in reference to my injury and job placement. being in this program will help me find something that suites me in my current state of disabilities. however, it will take some time and until we get through all the paperwork involved, I may volunteer somewhere one to two times a week.. to slowly get myself geared up.

Island with a palm treeI am quite certain though, I will be unable to do direct patient care due to the permanent impairment to my arm, as I cannot do CPR… which is a requirement in my field. I hope I can find something that I will enjoy, and I am continuing to keep my faith that God has something just right for me.

Island with a palm treeas I wait for that part of my life to work out, I am enjoying more time at home with the fammmy fam famala. it is so cozy right now with the cold winter to sit and crochet, have the fireplace going, whilst watching TV with Diane. we have been watching quite a bit of the history channel, and some nights my sister and her MIL come over and we have dinner together, then play pinochle. during the day, we have Julian to play with and enjoy.. so I feel content most of the time.

Island with a palm treeI have my moments of extreme frustration over the little injustices of every day life.. my son’s truck broke down and so we had it towed back home because Diane is our family mechanic.. it needs a new starter motor.. the towing cost $135.00 and even though we have free towing in my insurance policy, they would only reimburse Alex for $70.00 of it..

Island with a palm treeI know the towing co. charged him way too much because we have been through this before and it has never cost that much.. despite my attempts to work it out with the tow co. and ins. they wouldn’t budge. it just rightly pisses me off when people take advantage of a teenager just because they are young and naïve.

Island with a palm treethen we woke up this morning to frozen pipes due to the below zero temps. thank God Diane is a handy candy around here, it took all day and finally tonight at 6:30 the waters came.. we will have to let it run tonight so it doesn’t freeze up again. unfortunately we had to cancel a lunch date with a very sweet friend of ours as I couldn’t cook with the kitchen in that state.

Island with a palm treewell it’s already Wednesday so enjoy the rest of the week, and for my peeps who are ill right now Godspeed to feeling better, PLEASE!


[Island with a palm tree wishin’ to be on a beach somewhere]


sophie...^5 said...

Yes there is a plan in the works for you as there is for all. Nothing worse than dwelling on the difficult part of this route, but things will turn around for the better most assuredly. Sophie's Dad Ron. NOW....snuggles are comin' your way...can you feel them yet? Sophie

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Diane is so handy!

Yes, that is terrible of the towing co. to do that--and be able to get away with it.

I hope today is better. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Diane is awesome. I would love for her to come stay with me for a while...
There is a plan for you C, you just don't see it yet, but it will come SOON.
Sorry about the towing and the pipes, hate it when bad stuff happens to good peeps. :(

Stay warm, comfy and content.


jo.irish.rose said...

pauvre petite toone. ohhhh the mailman is here.....hang on....k, nothing but junk. i'm expecting packages....lol :0)

it will pick up soon, and hey! you are having company too! as soon as i here from my peeps, i will go on my journey!

everything happens for a reason and it all happens in its own season. so, just be patient. i know it is hard. i have to take my own advice. i hate waiting too. i thought i was patient till someone told me to be patient!!! ugggghhhh! (stomps foot in anger! gently....) lol

at least you are crocheting, i want to make a blanket for choux, but with my carpal tunnel and arthritis, i can only do a few rows, and i have to to put it down. at this rate, the baby will graduate high school and be getting its baby blanket!! lmao!! oh well! c'est le dog gone vie!!

Jim said...

Um, we could use Diane here! Ever 'in the hood' drop in.....please!!!
Chris, things will work out for you I am sure. With your good attitude and very warm heart, someone will 'grab' onto you and never let you go.....till you retire that is!

Technodoll said...

ah mon dieu, les problèmes! :-o

I'd go stuff that towtruck's tailpipe with a raw potato, that'll show 'em who's boss :-D

evil, much?

oui but they deserve it.

and i had no idea house pipes could freeze in cold weather? scary! it happens in our barn because there is no insulation but if it was in the house we'd be deep in doodoo - we don't have a super diane here!

winter... cuddle time. enjoy it :)