"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Airplane..this afternoon I happened to watch a conspiracy theory documentary on the history channel about 9/11. you know me, I love stuff like that. usually. but this post isn't going to be about the whole turkey and all the fixings.. [no disrespect intended]..

Airplane..I do have a point I want to make.. because I had a thought as I was listening to a group of people who call themselves “the truth-ers”. they are the ones doubting the motives, planning, and implementation of the events of that day. they even doubt the terrorists were real and imply our government was behind the whole thing for their own purposes.

Airplane..they have picked apart every little detail of the damaged buildings, flight patterns, burn patterns, explosion patterns, even the rubble of the towers after they collapsed.. you name it, they have picked it apart and refuse to believe the government did NOT in fact plan and implement the whole event.

Airplane..they even go so far as to accuse the government of “switching” planes and landing the real ones at a secret base while the empty decoy computer controlled planes actually hit the buildings!! that is just ludicrous. the first question that came to mind if that were true is what did they do to the people onboard the 4 planes?

Airplane..do the truthers really think our government would purposefully kill those innocent people and if so, WHY?? why go to all that trouble and effort when it would be easier to just let them stay on the real terrorist controlled planes as they all died anyway? [no callousness in that statement intended].

Airplane..and the poor families of the victims, would all their suffering be worth ANY reasons for doing such a thing? I cannot believe the extent “the truthers” will go to in order to prove their theories.. they have protested on a regular basis all these years in front of government buildings & special public events with signs saying Bush was the terrorist, and other accusatory statements that are just ridiculous.

Airplane..as I was watching the truther’s numerous sources trying to recreate the same events to prove this and unprove that… I was thinking to myself, OHMYGOD!!! everyone is looking at the event in retrospect, and trying to replicate exactly how it originally happened in order to justify the end results.. [like how those towers could have fallen as they did, how the plane could hit the pentagon the way it did, and how there was nothing left of the crash in the field in Pennsylvania].


Airplane..in my opinion, it is such a waste of time, energy, and money trying to recreate the disaster just to prove that YES this is what happens to buildings when they are hit by a plane and YES these are the outcomes of the wreckage. what the hell else could one expect? it was a horrible act of inhumanity and it wasn't going to be a field filled with daisies when the dust settled.

Airplane..the truthers don’t need to continue to pursue this. when something like that happens, the after effects are just that, after effects. they occurred as the direct result of how the planes crashed, the positioning of them, the speed etc. and unless you repeat the attacks at the same exact time in the same exact angle, with the same exact coordinates.. the results will NEVER be duplicated because one little shift in position or a few seconds difference would obviously alter the results in some way..

Airplane..again, I say the whole investigative process by these individuals to unprove the events of that day, is useless in my opinion.. it really happened. they should let the victims and remaining families be in peace.. and just move on with their lives.. surely there are more important things to do.

Airplane..it makes me wonder why these truthers NEED to continue doubting the details.. is it because they desperately need some crisis to hang on to because their lives are empty.. or do they crave the attention? or are they simply trying to start trouble.. WHAT?

Airplane..I know that it is imperative to investigate such events to form an understanding of what happened to possibly prevent the same events in the future or to gather evidence to prosecute.. but to investigate primarily just to disprove the course of the tragic events, is just





Airplane..does anyone else share in my frustration concerning this?



jo.irish.rose said...

yup, you are right, they are WRONG!!! they just need someone to blame and just flapping their jaws! they have nothing more productive to do. period, end of story, the end. tada!

sophie...^5 said...

This sounds like a fellow from Canada who tried to debunk the Nazi Holocaust years ago. Just sensationalism and useless information.

Jim said...

I ditto my hubby's opinion!