"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Undercover Boss: Steve Phelps of NASCAR

this is Steve Phelps, CMO of NASCAR who went undercover for the show UNDERCOVER BOSS. his purpose was to see what he could do to improve things for the company. Diane watches this show, I never had before tonight.

after his meeting a few of the employees who literally showed him how to perform their jobs, he was in awe of all it takes to keep the races going including everything from concession stands to painting the track to tire care. those people work very hard and seem to be loyal to the business.

when his undercover time was done, he went back to corporate America and called the 4 employees he worked with, in to meet with him. each were surprised to discover his real identity. while watching the show, in my mind I was thinking boy if I were boss I would be doing some special things for the people who showed me the ropes… being in a position of power and wealth as he is.

well, that’s exactly what he did to those he met with. he donated a large sum of money to the peeps running the concession stand, as all their profits went to her daughter’s cheerleading fund raiser at school.

he was so impressed with one tire guy that he told him when he was physically done with his current position, he would find him a suitable job in corporate. he also wants him to create a council that will relay ideas from the workers to corporate to improve working conditions.

for another guy, he made arrangements for his family to follow him as he is on the road 32 weeks a year and misses them. in fact, he also received season tickets to the races.

and finally, the painting guy’s 9 year old son has leukemia and he is struggling financially to keep up with medical bills. Steve told him corporate would take care of any other expenses accrued that their insurance doesn’t cover to insure his son will get the treatments he needs. the guy cried in disbelief. he also gave his son a signed helmet by all the racers.

it was at this time that I broke down into tears. Steve Phelps did exactly what I would like to have done if I were in his position. his heart matched my heart and I only wish I could do something like that. I would live to make people’s burdens easier if I could.

I don’t know if I will watch that show again, I might, but I found Steve to be such a natural, down to earth, caring man. he wore the suit, the suit didn’t wear him.

I wanted to share this because corporate usually gets a bad reputation but every now and then something wonderful like this happens. I really wish I were in a position to help people like this. it would make my soul fly and I would do it out of love. I have always enjoyed giving rather than receiving… always.

even growing up on welfare didn’t stop me. at Christmas I would find some old rags or material, and sew by hand little dolls for my younger siblings. or make quilts out of old sheets. or rummage through my personal stuffs to re-wrap things I’d been given in the past hoping my siblings didn’t remember them. we had no money but I felt it just wasn’t Christmas to me if I couldn’t give something. Jo and I joke about it now, but doing that meant more to me than anything I ever received.



jo.irish.rose said...

your such a giving person, you would give body parts if you didnt need them all yourself, or break them as much as you do. your such a toone.....lol. thats why i love you so much. i still have my quilt you made me. its kind of disheveled now, but i have alot of the things you made for me and some of mommy's. don't know if niece and den do, i kept all mine, just cuz it came from your heart. and i knew you didnt have anything, but you still gave anyway. whoever gets you in your future job will have such a asset to their people. i love you biggest. your my toone.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I did not see this particular episode, but I LOVE this show.
I love peeps with big hearts.
Must be why I love you. :)