"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



there is so much controversy about the Islamic mosque to be built 2 blocks from ground zero. as much as i understand those who are upset about it and find it disrespectful, i wonder if so many people would still be as upset if catholic terrorists had performed the 9/11 travesty, and wanted to build a cathedral 2 blocks from ground zero.

it seems to me the biggest point in this protest is due to it being an Islamic religion. if this is the case then it makes me think nothing was really learned in the past 9 years about people and their religion. yes, the terrorists were Islamic, but they were crazy MOFO extreme radicals... they do NOT represent the entire Islamic religion. if we cannot see that after all that has passed then i think the terrorist's power may still be lingering over our nation. every religion has the right to be represented in my opinion. it's in our constitutional rights.

take for example how much fighting, killing, and needless bombings took place in Ireland over the catholic/protestant religions. did that mean the radical groups represented all people who were catholic and protestant? no, it did not.

another example is the holocaust.. the travesty done to our Jewish by the Germans. again, the Nazis were a radical group doing as much damage as possible in the time of their reign. we cannot and do not hold all German people accountable for that.

my point is, if we judge all religions/peoples based on a handful of radical extremists then we are giving those radicals the powers they desire such as the power of fear, control, and threat which equals "terrorism".

we can't let that happen. as a nation we must rise above what was done on 9/11 and display our strength of knowledge, faith, and trust that we will not judge a whole people by a handful's example.

i understand the pain and horror inflicted on America that tragic day will never be forgotten, and possibly never forgiven. to me, that is not reason enough to prevent a spiritual, peaceful place to worship from being constructed near a place that needs all the healing powers we can give it. too much sorrow took place there, it needs to be embraced with healing and love.

i also think when horrible things such as 9/11 happen, those affected need someone or something to place their anger on because the bastards who caused all the pain are not here to pay for their crimes.

i can only imagine how hard it must be to not have a focal point for all the pain and anger many still carry... however, fighting against having the mosque built will not take away the pain, it will not do anything but allow what the terrorists stood for, to prevail.

i think we need to let our different faiths and spiritualities guide us through these difficult decisions and let the answer come through love. nothing else such as judgment, fear, or blame... just LOVE.

love for humanity.. love for peace, and unity.

but these are just my opinions.. what do you think?



Technodoll said...

I'd take the time to write out my thoughts on this but this guy has done it better!



C said...

i agree with you TD and i visited that site. very good points. some people are so wrapped up in hype they cant see the forrest for the trees.

Jason, as himself said...

I know. I know.

Sandra said...

I think you make some terrific points, especially the one about Catholics and how would we be reacting if they wanting to build a Cathedral...more people need to hear about that point.

Jabacue said...

Thank you for this! You bring up some really good points. There is absolutely no reason why the Mosque should not be built. Most people who object have extreme views which get us no where!

Anonymous said...

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