"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


...one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl...


In one day it will be 9 years since the tragic 9/11 events that tore our peoples' security and hearts to pieces, occurred. this past week there have been numerous documentaries on TV about different aspects of 9/11, all with the same awful ending.

There was Mayor Giuliani's version of how things unfolded from his aspect.. one was an investigation into the background of Al Qaeda and depicts in retrospect, the many signs that were missed which should have alerted our government to their plan. even so, its sadly unlikely that we could have stopped them.. they were hell bent on accomplishing what they did.

It's easy to say in retrospect that our officials should of seen this or should have suspected that... the fact is they didn't, for whatever reasons. i am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" however in this situation i can't even begin to defend my belief when so much hate was spilled onto our land.

All i know is that despite the technicalities, as a nation we have picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and have done our best to go on without the loved ones who were taken from us so horrifically. and it hasn't been easy. there are hearts and souls which will never heal from the evil that day.

I have often seen in documentaries about the middle east how the hate for Americans is nurtured and promoted. it makes me sick. the terrorist groups start with their own very young sons to instill a hatred for us so deep that these boys grow up ready and willing to become suicide bombers.. they have nothing else running through their veins but poisonous venom.

If you have a small son, can you even imagine teaching him hate like that? it festers inside them like a volcano ready to blow, against the THEORY that Americans are the enemy.. against just a THEORY. a THEORY to do as God would want them to do, promoted by their own fathers without evidence to prove it, just as it was taught to them.

Each consecutive generation's anger and hatred deepens and snowballs and i fear only death to those persons would stop it. but i am wrong because the suicide bombers are considered heroes after such a deed that all i can say is how sad it is that ignorance is rewarded and seems to prevail.

I have seen crowds of people on TV usually all male, chanting that we are the enemy, as they burn our flags and condemn our way of life. the children don't even have a chance at learning how good God is nor the rest of the world because the evildoers instill this hatred as God's will for them. it's criminal. it's sinful. and it is in itself, a tragedy.

The middle east is so cocooned that too many of their people believe whatever they are told, out of fear.. specially when it is taught from a young age. i do not have any hope for change or advancement there, for the future. in my opinion, as long as women and female children's worth are below that of livestock, those countries have no chance. what a fucking waste of humanity..

I will be feeling the same sadness i do every year when tomorrow rolls around for people i have never met, and just in general for the fact that the atrocity occurred. i feel the same way about the holocaust, other painful milestones of my life, and the other evils defecated on innocent people for no other reason than hate.

The older i get, the more i believe we are living in hell right here on earth... surely there can be nothing more painful to live through than what mankind already has since the beginning of time.. but that's just my opinion, though.

I say~ let's not pass on the hatred for a whole people from whom the terrorists originate from, rather let's pass on an understanding that we will hold the guilty accountable and not lump all Islam/Muslim people into one big category representing what the few evildoers have done. there are both good and bad people in every culture. and we do not have to stoop to their level.

Prayers to God, whomever he may be to you.. for our country, and our people. as evil runs its course the only thing i am certain of is that God will sanctify our souls in the end... his grace will heal all wounds.. even with book burning pastors and all the hate mongers who walk the planet promoting evil in his name. if we can't at least believe that~ then  humankind has no hope.




Just to end on a lighter note... check out what Vatican Roulette means, hErE..



Clippy Mat said...

You said this so well and from the heart. The most simple of all solutions to hatred, ignorance and fear: Love is the answer.
Hugs and thanks.

jo.irish.rose said...

yup, me too, well said me sissy....i would only add the hatred of the segregation and all that poop that went on in the 40's and 50's, 60's and to some extent still is seen in the south. alot of prejudice is still going around. and gang wars....hate is such an awful thing. it builds inside until there is no room for anything else to grow. no love, no other emotion. revenge then happens and then it becomes a cycle. even in the bowels of the earth where no one knows, there are tribes that fight it out. its bred into them. i dont understand it, but its there. may God have mercy on their land. God bless them all.

Technodoll said...

I don,t want to start a debate but would like to point out that few countries are as hated in the world as the USA is... and there is a reason for that. Politics are a very dangerous game...

Just sayin' :-/

ChiTown Girl said...

When did you get so deep?

Come on over to my place, you have an award waiting for you. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ditto Ditto Ditto.
Yuck yuck yuck.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, thank you for the birthday love. You are the sweetest ever. I now have a cavity. Thanks.

Tracey Axnick said...

Good post, my friend. Very well said. I just remind myself that darkness CANNOT exist in the LIGHT... it is a fact. Therefore, I try to shine light (and love) in my world... and teach my kids to do the same.... that's really all we can do... and of course pray.